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  • ML Polyolefins is expanding its offer with PCR recyclates

ML Polyolefins is expanding its offer with PCR recyclates

ML Polyolefins is expanding its offer with PCR recyclates

ML Polyolefins, a producer of PP recyclates has presented a new product portfolio adapting its offer to the expectations of all customers and grouping its materials by processing method. Preparing the new offer, ML expands the range of plastics with the premiere injection materials.

CEO Tomasz Mikulski wants to present the reasons for changes in the presentation of the product offer: „This year our company was celebrating the 20th anniversary and it is the perfect time to prepare several gifts for our clients. We will gradually present them on the occasion of subsequent events. We have been working on the new branding of our products for a long time, wanting to standardize the names and make it easier for our clients to recognize the final usage of individual materials that is why we add some changes in the offer. We grouped our products by giving them new names and by expanding available varieties of plastics. We want to assure that we will also present new products in the near future.“

Representatives of the company decided to expand the current profile of activity dominated by the offer of original plastics and PIR (Post Industrial Recycled). PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) was included to the new portfolio. Because of regulations imposed by the European Union, they are gaining more and more popularity.

Commercial Director Krzysztof Nowosielski explains the reason of making decision to start processing post-consumer raw materials: „We want to follow market trends and meet expectations of our customers. Regranulates made from household wastes, as customers say, are very popular today and this is the reason why we extended the offer. Of course, our portfolio includes recyclates made only from post-production raw materials, which has always made us stand out from other companies.“

ML Polyolefins 

In the coming weeks, the company will announce the premiere of a full, extended offer. It is already known that the high quality black regranulate will have several varieties. The producer introduces raw materials with different MFI, which will make them available for more opportunities of usage.

„We don't want to stay behind, on the contrary, we want to set the tone for the entire industry by using experience and knowledge of our employees. The market in Western Europe clearly indicates where the future is and we intend to use this hint,“ says Krzysztof Nowosielski about direction of company development.

As the company's representatives assure, despite the fact that the 20th anniversary of ML Polyolefins is during coronavirus pandemic, the company intends to achieve its goals by refreshing and expanding the offer. They also decided to transfer activities and premieres of its new products mainly to the Internet because in the current situation all brand events will take place at the different time.

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