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LUGER: The new series of HB-Thermo-6 temperature control units is even better!

LUGER: The new series of HB-Thermo-6 temperature control units is even better!

The new Series 6 generation of HB-Therm temperature control units was presented for the first time at Fakuma 2021 in Friedrichshafen, Germany. The slogan says it all: Thermo-6 takes the good of Thermo-5 and makes it even better – in unit technology, standard equipment, energy efficiency, warranty scope and digital services. This makes Series 6 the industry benchmark – "Swiss made” temperature control technology by HB-Therm.

According to HB-Therm CEO Reto Zürcher, insights such as the practicality of the units in daily use and a brilliant touchscreen for convenient operation with modern designs and colours were not only derived from a comprehensive market analysis, but also from collaboration with key customers who brought the needs of injection moulders into the evolution phase. "Our thoughts were influenced not only functionally but also visually. In addition, of course, we verified our findings repeatedly in practice for their suitability for everyday use. For us, highest quality has a clear foundation: And that means testing, testing and testing again!"

Unique: The warranty extension

In addition to the lifetime warranty on the heater uniquely offered by HB-Therm for the predecessor units, customers of Thermo-6 units also benefit from a lifetime warranty on the ultrasonic flow meter. All components were designed to be extremely robust and durable. Martin Braun, CTO of HB-Therm says: "This step has been made possible by the expertise gained from the development of the high temperature water units Thermo-5 up to 230 °C!”

Based on the proven technology of the Thermo-5, the new units have been consistently enhanced, standardised and modelled with useful aids such as a visual alarm via LEDs in the front base area. The very low maintenance requirements also make the Thermo-6 attractive in terms of upkeep.

Energy Efficiency: Built-in

HB-Therm considers the standard integration of a speed-controlled pump in the new unit series to be part of its environmental commitment. With the Energy-Control Assistant, an optimal operating point can always be achieved, even without any prior knowledge on the part of the user.

The result is up to 85% less power consumption. In addition, a new sealless Direct-Drive pump is used for the units up to 100 °C, which was developed exclusively for HB-Therm together with a renowned pump supplier. This canned motor pump sets new standards in efficiency and compactness. 

Speed control with further advantages 

"A pump that does not always run at full load not only saves energy, but also has a longer service life. In addition, speed-controlled pumps can be used universally for large and small moulds, thus reducing the variety of types of temperature control units. One unit for all tasks", explains Martin Braun, Head of Development at HB-Therm. 

LUGER - temperature control units HB-Therm Series 6 

Control, analyse, manage: Everything on the large, brilliant touchscreen

Another difference to the Thermo-5 that immediately catches the eye is the touch display of the Thermo-6, which is four times larger at seven inches. The operation is clearly oriented towards modern smartphones, allowing users to master the Thermo-6 in no more than ten minutes. Individual settings and favourite selection modes, plain text instructions with QR codes for further information, wizards for setting up the units, swiping and scrolling also make it easy to find the desired operating pages quickly on the display of the new Series 6 units. Graphic and text pages make intuitive navigation easy. The Expert system helps, warns, reports and optimises unit operation. In this way, even complex setting procedures are very easy to handle.

The process data is recorded locally. Unit history and unit-specific documents such as certificates, calibration data, operating and assembly instructions can be displayed quickly and clearly on the new, large screen. Clearly arranged, setters and operators can always find exactly the parameter page they need quickly and with just a few clicks.

Intelligent: The networking

HB-Therm defines digitalization as contemporary, mobile, independent, useful and supportive. The future-oriented hardware and software architecture of the Series 6 allows comprehensive access to the digital world of HB-Therm. The digital solutions in addition to the standard OPC-UA Ethernet interface on each Thermo-6 are called Gate-6 and e-cockpit.

Gate-6 is an interface server that establishes the connection (gateway) to the Android app e-cockpit and the digital services of the HB-Therm world as well as between several Thermo-6 and/or Thermo-5 units and other external systems such as injection moulding machines.

Gate-6 accesses the functions of the HB-Therm cloud via the LAN connection of the units. This allows users to send analysis data, track the "digital twin” in the company's Ticket system, generate unit statistics and overviews as a part of customer service, the keeping of a maintenance overview as well as the preventive maintenance of the connected units.

The e-cockpit app is a mobile application for smartphones and tablets and accesses a Gate-6 locally as well as the temperature control units connected to it. It secures access to the company's Ticket portal with several functions. Via this access, the user can, among other things, process error messages and warranty cases as well as obtain technical support. Ticket is therefore a central application that brings together data from several Gate-6 interface servers and temperature control units and makes it available online. This requires a central data server and Internet access. Recorded data and settings are only sent to HB-Therm Support if they have been released by the customer and in accordance with the highest security standards.

Extensive standard equipment

In addition to the standard features already mentioned, the Cleanroom package, OPC UA interface and pump status monitoring are now also standard. A separate screen protector is also no longer necessary, as the new screen has a very robust design. Also new, but available at a later date, will be filter screen monitoring. This makes it easy to clean clogged filters whenever the need for it actually arises.

With its many new standard features, its sophisticated, long-lasting technology and extensive digital features, the new Series 6 is the pioneer for the entire industry. Thus, it has succeded: HB-Therm has made good things "just better".

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