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Innovative new addition to the FIPA area gripper portfolio

Innovative new addition to the FIPA area gripper portfolio

In manufacturing, it is often the case that several parts have to be lifted simultaneously by a suction gripper in order to be able to process them further. FIPA vacuum grippers have always stood for reliability and efficiency.

We have aligned ourselves with modern customer requirements and, on this basis, coupled with our many years of experience, have developed a completely new product series of area grippers that we would like to present to you today.

Solutions for automated handling.
• With integrated ejectors and sealing foam
• With integrated ejectors and suction cups
• For pumps and blowers, with sealing foam
• For pumps and blowers, with suction cups

Simple, flexible and secure.
> One device for many applications:
> Cardboard boxes
> Packaging
> Cans
> Jars
> Bottles
> Wooden products

Key facts
• Robust design, long service life and high reliability.
• Variants with low-wear foam or two sizes of plug-in vacuum cups.
• Available with flow reduction or check
• valves for safe gripping and handling of various products.
• Reliable vacuum supply through integrated ejectors or through a connection to an external pump.
• The right length for every application selectable from eight different lengths.
• Customized modifications that meet your requirements even better.


Interesting facts about Area Grippers

As universal grippers, FIPA Area Grippers are real all-rounders. They are modular in design and can therefore be adapted quickly, easily and individually to a wide range of requirements. Even if the entire suction surface is not occupied, objects can be suctioned with maximum force without loss of suction power at the points where parts are in contact.

Area grippers are available with various sealing foams and vacuum cups, in different sizes and materials. They therefore have an enormous range of applications. The objects to be gripped - regardless of size and weight - can have recesses, the surfaces can be porous, the pickup position does not have to be exactly defined, and they can have a wide variety of shapes and surfaces.

Would you like to find out everything about the new FIPA Area Grippers? Don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to explain everything you want to know and answer all your questions.
Of course, you can also download the flyer or purchase FIPA Area Grippers directly in our webshop.
Get the FIPA Area Grippers flyer with all the important information.

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