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telephone:+420 384 420 248

NIP: 63278821
VAT: CZ63278821

Company Description

Machines for rubber and plastic industry.


ISO 9001

Range of products / Services

Company represents producers as follows:

  • COMERIO ERCOLE - mixer equipment: mixers, calenders, twin rolls
  • CORELCO - manufacturer of extrusion lines, complete range of corrugators for corrugated pipes
  • CRYOGENIC SYSTEMS & PARTS - removal of overpressures from pressed rubber parts by high-speed blasting in a cryogenic chamber
  • CT DATENTECHNIK - Mixing process control software
  • DAHTYAN - hydraulic presses
  • DOSS - Machines for automatic optical inspection of surface defects and dimensions
  • GIBITRE - Laboratory equipment for measuring properties of rubber and elastomers
  • GILLARD - offer rotary mowers, winders, collection baskets
  • ISPER - Extrusion machines for thermoplastic and thermoset products
  • ITAIGUM production of vulcanization equipment and complete extrusion lines for rubber
  • LAWER - automatic weighing systems
  • MAILLEFER - extrusion lines for the production of plastic pipes and cables
  • MATTEUZZI - machines and equipment for the production of tires and protectors
  • MAXI-BLAST - blasting systems and non-abrasive blast granules used for cleaning worms, molds and moldings
  • MEYER PLANTTEC - equipment for pneumatic dosing of large chemicals
  • PIXARGUS - in-line surface inspection and dimension measurement of extruded products
  • RCONY - extrusion lubricants, separators for pressing, lubricant applicator for extrusion
  • RIMM - injection molding for rubber
  • Steinbichler Optotechnik - shearography
  • VMI - Design and manufacture of equipment that process unvulcanized rubber

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