Injection moulding costs optimazing

Injection moulding costs optimazing

How to preserve the company experts´ know-how? The Expert System CalcMaster 7.2 software working on the reflected wave principle brings new possibilities in the offer and demand process of moulds for plastics and light metals. The system integrates the issues of price and quality in relation to both moulds and injection data even before the mould design and thus prevents loss of mould reworks. Due to its graphic visualization the inconsistent locations in the project are clearly seen, which results in direct optimizing in touch with experts focused on relevant question.


Relation between the cost price of the final product and costs of mould and injection molding

In the field of injection moulding there is a long way to the final product influenced often by controversial demands and needs of various involved participants.  The moulder requires the precise mould costs as well as the determined cycletime at specific operating parameters. The customer highlights the final product cost price including the costs of materials, forms and injection process.

The relevant data above cannot be considered separately. Comprehensive evaluation of relationships between individual items of cost can be easily and quickly determined using CalcMaster software that allows the operator to determine the price and mould production costs on the basis of accurate internal data. Time and cost feasibility study with the CalcMaster accelerates and simplifies negotiations between the designer and mouldmaker while the output is  the optimized cost price of the final product.

The pre-selected range of toolmakers and injection moulders simplifies choice with respect to desired technical and price levels. The client´s goal obviously is to get top quality at a reasonable price.

There is always necessary to perform a thorough analysis of the end product and production conditions.  Without knowing the precise specification and the injection conditions there is possible to perform alternative calculations enabling contractor to specify their requirements and facilitate the design and production of mould.  The contractor that does not proceed according to the given guidelines and emphasises a low cost too much, obtains simplified mould raising production costs and thereby reduces the profitability of the final moulding. Moreover, without proper optimization the project schedule often delays in bringing new products to the market.    

The optimal variant is the only one

CalcMaster structured calculation processes and analyzes the critical points of the production process, which ensures high reliability of data and minimizes human error. CalcMaster offers a precise calculation of the cost, cycletime, the number of cavities and also the price of end product. The system enables efficient processing of alternative solutions which give in the hands of the contracting authority a solid basis for tender success and consequent resale or part processing.

The final product costs - the most important achievement in structring the costs.

The reduction of the final product total costs should be the most important goal for the manufacturer when structuring the costs. Evaluating the correct final product total costs is influenced by the wide range of input data.All these aspects are paralelly analysed by CalcMaster. Thanks to its setting options the Calcmaster is very flexible and can be adapted for various commercial and technical assessment. All these settings are registered and saved.



Easy mould costs calculation

Entering the data there is necessary to take into account parameters that belong to the injection mode, surface treatment, requirements for tolerance or need for the use of the hot runner system.This way you can quickly get a lot of precise technical details that would otherwise remain hidden behind the assumptions and presumptions. All attributes related to the mouldmaker can be revised on the basis of other relevant calculations, including the final comparison of calculated and real conditions. The feedback comparison working in a semi-automatic cycle updates the offered values and supports the know-how preservation of the company experts.




Calculation of the injection cycle in relation to the mould costs

Calculating the final product cost price is influenced by the expected length of the injection cycle determining the costs of the injection. The cycletime is determined by several parameters that cannot be changed after completing the mould design. The most important aspects are the maximum wall thickness in   any part of the product and cooling built into the mould. The wall thickness is determined by the product developer. The discussion is possible in order to modify the product design (i.e. decrease the thickness of the wall using a larger number of reinforcements or use a different material). The mould cooling is to be discussed with themould designer and the contractor must insist on the requirement of optimal (and efficient) cooling.

Both of the above parameters, increasing the tasks in the mould design and costs for making of cores and cavities, result in shorter cooling time and thus the injection cycletime. 



The above conclusions imply that the contractor should negotiate the costs with the mouldmaker instead of simple price offers comparing - as well as to supervise the whole project and achieve the effect optimized mould and product costs.

Reducing the production costs

These above examples show that every part of the supplier chain has to be familiar with their own field as well as consult with other professionals and maintain the level of mutual communication.

It is the only way to get a detailed overview of the cost structure and possibilities for their reduction and prevent the unwanted expenditure growth arising from inadequate information and additional changes of the mould.



Software for the calculation of the injection molding process supports the decision-making in mould ordering

CalcMaster significantly helps in optimizing of the moulds thanks to the quick evaluating of mould costs, injection parameters, the number of cavities and the final product cost prices. Quick changing the parameters enable easily compare the obtained alternative solutions and to specify the lowest product cost. The program is suitable for all corporate departments monitoring the impact of changes in input data to the final cost. Variable or vague assumptions can always be consulted. The software simplifies the first cost calculations when the customer is no longer totally dependent on the supplier and gets in advance more detailed knowledge about the product.   Finally, it also allows a significant increase in quality of moulds and the entire process of production of plastic parts. Due to its potential of gradual input clarifying the achievement is the advanced professional estimate of real costs.

The program will be introduced in the Czech version at MSV 2011 in Brno



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