HASCO multi-zone controller Z12930/…

HASCO multi-zone controller Z12930/…

The HASCO multi-zone controller Z12930/… has now been equipped with a clear display of all set and actual values and a number of other useful functions.

A newly integrated storage mode for up to six different connection programs facilitates start-up. A diagnosis function is also available for checking the electric wiring of the connected control circuits.

Equally user-friendly are the optimised start-up routines with interrogation on control unit start-up, allowing the user a quick production start. A manual power switch-off for all control zones enables stand-by operation, with the prevailing actual temperatures still being displayed.


HASCO Z12930 

Programmable settings for short-term temperature increase/reduction plus automatic sensor monitoring are also provided to ensure maximum reliability during the entire injection moulding process. Three unit sizes with 6, 12 and 18 control circuits are available.

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  • Annette Lampe


    Normals, standard parts, hot runners, hot runner systems, plastic and rubber mold accessories, tempering and cooling, K-normals, P-normals, Z-normals.

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