HASCO Ejector sleeve with DLC coating

HASCO Ejector sleeve with DLC coating

Ejectors are some of the parts that are subject to the most stress in the mould. With its extensive range of ejector elements and numerous combination options for ejector pins and sleeves, either with or without a coating, HASCO offers individually-tailored solutions for functional component removal from injection, compression moulding and die-casting moulds.

HASCO's versatile standard range of hardened, nitrided and plasma-nitrided ejector elements has now been extended by Z4651/... DLC-coated flat ejector pins with two corner radii and Z457/... standard sleeves. The advantages of the DLC coating can now be used to the full by combining the new sleeves with the Z400/... ejector pins that are already available.

The DLC coating combines a high hardness with the very best tribological properties, thus keeping friction and wear down to a minimum. The new ejector pins and sleeves are especially suited to use in the food and medical sectors, since production can be run without lubricants, making it compatible with a clean room environment. The high coating hardness and the low coefficient of friction of the coated ejector sleeves in combination with the DLC-coated ejector pins clearly improves the mould service life and thus contributes towards boosting mould productivity.

HASCO Ejector sleeve with DLC coating

The use of DLC-coated demoulding aids has a positive impact on component quality, improves the operation of the mould and hence also optimises the production process. In addition to the standard ejector range, HASCO also offers customised versions for specific applications.

Extended range of use for the Size 20 in the Techni Shot nozzle series

The success story of the Size 20 in the Technic Shot nozzle series is being taken still further, with HASCO adding a further two nozzle lengths to the range. Lengths of 100 and 125 mm are now available. The Type 20 is designed for small shot weights and, with its compact external dimensions, for small cavity-to-cavity distances. The sophisticated nozzle design has proved successful in a large number of applications already, testifying to its performance in the injection moulding process.

The combination of nozzle body, sleeve, torpedo, thermocouple and heating unit ensures easy handling during maintenance too.

The heating unit can be removed from the nozzle body, for example, without having to undo the gate. The thermocouples and nozzle heating are separate units which can be replaced independently of each other.The two additional nozzle lengths now permit even greater immersion depths in the injection mould. In addition, a front-mounted nozzle heater is now available for these nozzle lengths, helping to boost the maintenance-friendliness of hot halves. The application range for the Type 20 nozzle has now been rounded off by the option of using the Type 20 as a needle valve nozzle too. Needle gate diameters of 0.8 mm and above are possible. Our specialist advisers and application engineers will be pleased to assist you in selecting the best nozzle for your specific injection moulding requirements.


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