ENGEL at Plastex 2014 in Brno

ENGEL at Plastex 2014 in Brno

At Plastex 2014, which takes place from 29th September to 3rd October in the Czech city of Brno, ENGEL will showcase its system solutions know-how for the injection moulding sector by means of an LSR application on a tie-bar-less injection moulding machine. In many applications it is ENGEL's tie-bar-less technology – marking its 25th anniversary this year – that makes the decisive contribution to lowering unit costs; and this quality makes it more relevant than ever today.

The main demands as regards the processing of liquid silicone (LSR) are that it must be fully automatic, waste-free, low in burrs and require no reworking. At the trade fair, a tie-bar-less ENGEL e‑victory 200H/80W/120 combi injection moulding machine – automated with an ENGEL viper 20 linear robot – will impressively show that ENGEL system solutions not only meet these requirements fully, but also handle multi-component processes with LSR securely and efficiently. A mould provided by ACH solution (Fischlham, Austria) will be used to produce sensor housings for flow measurement with integrated seals. Using servo-powered injection units guarantees maximum precision, which would normally call for special solutions in the LSR field where very small injection unit volumes are involved but which in this case is provided by a standard unit. The system utilises iQ weight control software developed and patented by ENGEL, which recognises and automatically compensates for fluctuations in melt quantity during the injection process.

   Fig.: ENGEL will produce sensor housings with integrated seals on a tie-bar-less injection moulding machine at Plastex.

Minimal footprint, maximum efficiency

Tie-bar-less technology offers many advantages in the case of multi-component processes involving silicone. Given that mould mounting platens can be used to the hilt, relatively small injection moulding machines can be fitted with large and complex multi-component moulds. This raises overall efficiency as smaller machines require less energy and, most importantly, less floor space. The outstanding platen rigidity of tie-bar-less machines provides better support to moulds, which reduces burr formation and thus raises product quality. Free access to the mould area also facilitates the most effective possible automation concepts. The integrated ENGEL viper robot quickly accesses the mould area from the side to remove the housing halves.

Maximum productivity throughout the lifecycle

The machine manufacturer will devote a special area of its stand to ENGEL plus, the name of the new umbrella brand for all ENGEL service products. The display will include the ENGEL flomo temperature-control water distribution system, which continuously and electronically monitors all cooling and temperature control circuits, thus rendering high-maintenance cooling water distributors with sight glasses superfluous. Thanks to vortex sensors, ENGEL flomo works with no moving parts or water filters. In addition, all the components are made of premium stainless steel. The temperature-control water distribution system is one of the smallest water distribution systems with manual settings and electronic monitoring on the market. It can be mounted in very close proximity to the mould, which minimises heat loss.

Key role in global production network

ENGEL has two sites in the Czech Republic: a sales and service subsidiary is based in Prague, while Kaplice is home to a production plant. In southern Bohemia, ENGEL manufactures important machine components such as electrical cabinets, engine frames and oil containers as well as conveyor belts and other products for plant automation. ENGEL Strojírenská in Kaplice is thus playing a key role in the global production network of the ENGEL group. The conveyor belts, which are exclusively made in Kaplice, are a central element in integrated system solutions while being successful on the market in their own right.

With its range of intelligent conveyor systems, ENGEL makes sure systems as a whole – from injection moulding machine to peripherals – are precisely tailored to the specific needs of businesses, the wider sector and national markets. To give an example, ENGEL also develops and constructs GMP-compatible conveyor belts for regulated production areas of the medical technology, pharmaceutical and packaging industries. 

ENGEL at Plastex 2014: hall G1, stand 37

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