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Easytherm from the manufacturer Aquatech from the PiovanGroup is expanding its range

Easytherm from the manufacturer Aquatech from the PiovanGroup is expanding its range

Mould temperature control is a crucial in plastics processing: it must be steady, strict and precise as it directly influences production costs and the quality of the final product.

As a result of the innovative approach, aimed at the constant innovation of Piovan Group's Research and Development, Easytherm - the new mould temperature control unit - was born in 2017. In addition to the atmospheric version that works with temperatures up to 90°C, Aquatech introduces the pressurised version for temperature processing up to 180°C characterised by cutting edge technology, robustness, ease of use and digital integration with the plant's other machines.

In 2019 Easytherm has won the IF Design Award 2019.

Robust and durable construction

A temperature controller must operate smoothly in any production environment. To meet the diverse requirements, both in the process of injection and blow moulding and in the one of extrusion, Aquatech has designed Easytherm, modern, easy-to-use equipment that minimizes the impact of critical production factors.

- A complete range of pumps to fit a wide range of applications both for the request of maximum flow rate or maximum head. Magnetic drive pump models are available for high temperature.

- Counterflow heaters without any contact between the heater and the process fluid avoiding any risk of corrosion, limestone deposit or heat exchange compromise.

- Maintenance is simple and fast, thanks to easily removable side panels and bottom opening for heat exchanger clean, if needed.

- All the configurations are realised on the same high compact chassis, even in case of high temperature applications or high performances pumps.

- Fluid control to avoid overheating in case of lack of water in the circuit.

Aquatech has chosen top-of-the-range components to make Easytherm a reliable, high performing unit with a competitive Total Cost of Ownership:

- Brazed plate heat exchanger for a quick and effective cooling phase.

- Ergonomic design with integrated front handle and reinforced wheels for an easy and safe moving.

- Hot wire flow meter (optional), for those applications that require maximum accuracy with continuous monitor of process parameters.

Easytherm from the manufacturer Aquatech is expanding its range 

Easy of use and innovative design

The temperature controllers are generally placed next to the Injection Moulding Machines, often with limited accessibility for the operator who has to check whether the machine is working properly or adjust the parameters.

Easytherm solves this problem with a total redesign of the control, making it possible to access remotely the main operating parameters at a glance:

- The new large 4.3” TFT tilted display has high brightness, with strong chromatic contrast: visibility is therefore perfect and the data are easy to read even in low light environments.

- The whole control is protected by tempered glass, with 6 capacitive touch keys for easy accessing the main Easytherm functions.

- Navigation via a convenient infinite turn knob.

- Thanks to the compact design with retractable handle integrated into the front, Easytherm can be moved from one point to another inside the factory, in an extremely simple way.

The ease of use includes an easy installation: Easytherm includes a whatchdog system that checks the proper connection of the electrical phase to ensure pump rotation in the proper direction.

Ready for Industry 4.0

The new generation Aquatech products are designed to be used in the smart Industry 4.0 factories. Easytherm integrates open standards, such as OPC-UA server. The new temperature controller adds to the connectivity, practicality and ease of use:

- The opening front panel houses the communication multiprotocol boards that allow connection to other plant equipment.

- The cables are protected by a special housing that prevents accidental disconnection.

- Easytherm connects to other machines or customer supervising systems thanks to a wide range of communication interfaces (e.g. Modbus, Current Loop and Profibus); it is also ready to be used with Winfactory 4.0, the Piovan supervision software.

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