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Dräger the Moretto's strategic partner for the development of the plastics market

  • 07.05.2018
  • Machinery & Equipment
Dräger the Moretto's strategic partner for the development of the plastics market

A “historical” partnership that has lasted for over fifteen years and that has allowed the realization of important successes in Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Dräger who has embraced Moretto's vision, which has always been committed to creating excellent solutions that allow the customer to make a difference on the market, supports him with the best level of service before, during and after sales.

Today the Dräger-Moretto alliance responds to the increasingly demanding needs of plastic customers, with unique solutions in the auxiliary world.

Dräger CZ s.r.o. 

A strong synergy that often anticipates market demands with original and low energy consumption solutions, able to automate and optimize production, to maximize the efficiency of the processes and ensure the final quality.

Intelligent technologies proposed by Moretto, as Moisture Meter Manager, mark a real revolution in the world of drying. Technology that is unparalleled in the world of dehumidification of technical polymers, and which allows Dräger to create strong partnerships with leading companies in the automotive, medical and packaging sectors.

Dräger CZ s.r.o. 

MOISTURE METER MANAGER a revolutionary On-line resin moisture sensing and drying control.

Moisture Meter MANAGER is an In-line, resin moisture sensing and drying control, an highly innovative system that guarantees dry resin and incredible energy savings.

Since the moisture in material varies (with change of suppliers, silo or bag change, non-sealed storage, ambient humidity, etc), the Moisture Meter Manager automatically responds and directs the drying system to adjust its drying to match the new drying requirements. The drying system responds and insufficiently dried material is prevented from entering the processing machine. 

The Moisture Meter Manager uses Power Peek Technology to read the moisture content of the resin itself (NOT the air surrounding the resin) using electromagnetic waves, which change based on the moisture within the resin.  Moisture Meter Manager scans the material every two seconds and can provide grain quality reports with regular frequencies for each piece or sample.

Dräger CZ s.r.o. 

Moisture Meter Manager controls and manages in a close-loop the plastic drying system.

Two Moisture Meter sensing units, one above the hopper (Moisture Meter CROWN) and one below the drying hopper (Moisture Meter BOX), read the before and after moisture levels of the resin.

Using the range between initial and final humidity levels, Moisture Meter Manager controls the drying system’s output and optimizes energy consumption.

The Moisture Meter Manager not only reads and reports on resin moisture levels, but it automatically adjusts air-flow and heating parameters responsively in a closed-loop, for highly predictable, guaranteed drying. The double control at the hoppers input and output allows the system to handle the dryers’ working conditions by maximizing the process performance.

Based on Moisture Meter Manager signals, the drying process is dynamically altered, in rapid and direct response to moisture readings.

Moisture Meter Manager is supplied with data profiles of the most commonly used materials, new material profiles can be easily created stored up for rapid recall and easy resin set-ups.

Moisture Meter CONTROL is a 10’’ HD color, touch view operator interface. Simplified and object-oriented, the touch view control is very easy, it only needs to select material type and set the residual moisture ppm.

Moisture Meter Manager is connected with: Ethernet, Serial RS 485, USB  and MOWIS Supervisor. The system provides reports for every job that can be both printed and stored.


Dräger CZ s.r.o. 


  • On-line, fully automatic moisture measurement.

  • Direct coordination with drying system avoids processing wet resin.

  • Piece-by-piece certified reports and production certification.  

  • Superior qualitative audits.

  • Eliminates production waste resulting from high moisture content - leading to zero-defect production.

  • Automatic system adjustment based on the initial polymer conditions.

  • No need for off-line moisture analysis.

  • Saves time and money from inconsistencies and human error.

  • Moisture Meter controls every gram of the material being processed - not just the samples retrieved for off-line measurement.

Using Moisture Meter Manager processors can guarantee the dryness of the resin they process and the quality of their products, automatically control the drying system in response to moisture and optimize energy consumption with energy on demand.

The highly innovative, Moisture Meter Manager effectively closes the loop on resin drying by in-line measurement of each granule’s moisture content and applying this data to the adaptive drying system.

Moisture Meter Manager integrates the dryer into an adaptive system as provided by the smart factory 4.0. Moisture Meter Manager is ready for MOWIS, the Moretto’s supervising system.

Ever-responsive, the system essentially provides “drying on demand”, based on the real drying needs of the polymer at any given time.  Managing drying functions in direct response to environmental variables that typically interrupt predictable polymer moisture levels, the Moretto drying system can guarantee production certification and maximum energy efficiency.

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