Conference of the tire project

Conference of the tire project

On the third to 5 March 2010 in Bratislava at the exhibition Incheba CARplast. In parallel with the exhibition held a conference in the tire project in which they were odprezentované several presentations on the present and the future of plastic industry in Slovakia.

 Odbornú konferenciu organizovalo Mesto Trnava, lead partner projektu AUTOPLAST, spolu s projektovými partnermi PLASTR Zlín, AKS Trnava a MTF STU Trnava. Konferenciu otvoril primátor mesta Trnava Ing. Štefan Bošnák spolu s Ing. Jozefom Uhríkom, CSc. (ZAP SR). Na konferencii boli odprezentované príspevky týkajúce sa plastového priemyslu a ako zvýšiť vzdelanostný potenciál v oblasti spracovania plastov. 

Garanti odbornej konferencie: Automobilový klaster - západné Slovensko, Mesto Trnava a Združenie automobilového priemyslu SR.

Partneri konferencie: STU Bratislava, Plastikářsky klastr Zlín, Slovenský plastikársky klaster Nitra.

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    SLOVAK PLASTIC CLUSTER is an interest association of independent corporate entities and associated institutions, which are interlocked in regional and supraregional level with the potential of increasing their own competitiveness.




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