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ARBURG expanded robotic system range

MULTILIFT SELECT 6+1 is a new standard handling solution for removing moulded part and sprue.

The MULTILIFT SELECT 6+1 is your new standard solution for the handling of moulded part and sprue. The vertically operating robotic system with an additional gripper axis is especially well suited to applications with 3-platen moulds, temperature-sensitive materials and micro injection moulding.

The MULTILIFT SELECT 6+1 is designed for handling weights of 6 kg (moulded part) and 1 kg (sprue). Its three servo-electric main and two secondary axes enable freely programmable pick-up and set-down patterns. Robotic system and machine movements are synchronised via the central SELOGICA control system. The ALLROUNDER injection moulding machine, robotic system, conveyor belt and safety enclosure form a complete CE-certified production unit. The plug-and-work solution is quickly production-ready and can be easily retrofitted.


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