Arburg at the Fakuma 2023

Arburg at the Fakuma 2023

At Fakuma in Friedrichshafen, Germany, from 17 to 21 October 2023, ARBURG will be showcasing its exceptional ability to deliver solutions in plastics processing. 'There is only a Plan A' will show how more sustainability, digitalisation and automation can be realised in the plastics world.

Nine exhibits on the company's own stand in Hall A3 and another ten machines on partner stands will be giving live demonstrations of exciting applications, processes and trends in injection moulding and 3D printing.

'There is only a Plan A'

ARBURG's 'Plan A' brings together everything the company has to offer on the topics of sustainability, digitalisation, automation and energy efficiency. At the same time, the machine manufacturer makes it clear that there can be no 'Plan B'.

ARBURG: Fakuma 2023, Allrounder 520H, 100th anniversary 

Anniversary gift: New hybrid machine

Following the presentation of the ALLROUNDER 470 H milestone machine in spring 2023 to mark '100 years of the Hehl family company', sizes 520 and 570 will be available starting at Fakuma 2023. The machines will be available in the Comfort, Premium, and Ultimate performance variants.
The exhibit, an ALLROUNDER 520 H Premium, will use a 1+1+1-cavity mould to produce an ALLROUNDER machine base from ABS to a scale of 1:18.

ARBURG: Fakuma 2023, Allrounder 520H, 100th anniversary 


ARBURG experts will be providing advice on the meta topics of energy, efficiency, the shortage of skilled workers, and future orientation in its 'arburgSOLUTIONworld'. This new interactive exhibition area built around a three-metre-high LED column will showcase ARBURG's 'Action Plan: Energy', its ALS system, and arburgXworld, among others. The revolutionary LED column is also a structural expression of the importance of these topics for ARBURG.

Digitalisation, automation and sustainability

At the ARBURG stand, ARBURG will be using the application example of a tyre lever to show how digitalisation and automation go hand in hand to produce plastic parts efficiently and with 100 per cent traceability.

A GOLDEN ELECTRIC 470 E ALLROUNDER with a Yaskawa six-axis robot will be demonstrating how post-consumer recyclate (PCR) can be reliably processed. In a technically demanding process, toy dolphins will be made from the PCR on the basis of ABS.

Tool cases in the ARBURG design will be produced using components made from Recopound® material, which is obtained from post-industrial recyclate (PIR) on the basis of PET films. The coveted give-away will be produced on a turnkey system based around a hybrid ALLROUNDER 920 H.

Efficient injection moulding processes

Energy-efficient two-component injection moulding will be demonstrated by an ALLROUNDER MORE 1600, equipped with two electric injection units, which will produce a container made of thermoplastic (PBT) and liquid silicone (LSR).

As an energy-efficient, resource-saving application and alternative to thermoforming, an all-electric ALLROUNDER 720 A 'Ultimate' packaging machine will be producing IML round cups with a wall thickness of only 0.37 millimetres.

An IML process designed specifically for medical technology will be presented using labelled centrifuge tubes as an example.

Ten additional injection moulding exhibits on partner stands will demonstrate the wide range of applications for ARBURG machine technology. 

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