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Application of 3D metal printing in plastic injection

Application of 3D metal printing in plastic injection

As one of the main global innovation drivers, voestalpine is leading the way into the new area of Additive Manufacturing. Based on experience and tradition, by offering the whole value chain from the start to finalization and beyond. All in-house and in one go.

Tooling/Conformal Cooling

Beyond today’s conventional possibilities, tooling and industry parts have to perform in far more complex functions and situations than ever before. By creating tailored constructions manufactured specifically for industry needs, whole production channels are being revolutionized. For example, with conformal cooling solutions cooling down different materials in molds multiple times faster than the “traditional” way.

Oil & Gas/Marine/Mechanical Engineering

We support customers with consultation to choose the right material for the right application. Furthermore, we help to redesign parts where appropriate according the requirements of your application. We use state of the art software and manufacturing technology to support the manufacturing process from the first concepts to functional parts.

Automotive & Aerospace

It is very possible that the automotive and aerospace industries may stand to benefit the most from the possibilities offered by additive manufacturing. With the ability to create lightweight yet solid components with shorter prototyping and production times many opportunities exist Smart and energy-absorbing solutions can be game changers. From mass-production to motorsport. From efficiency to high safety requirements, it is an area for building cutting edge technologies for future generations.


flow filter X

flow filter X is used to avoid problems during injection molding.


The filter prevents blockages of feed points caused by material impurities, such as those encountered when processing recycled materials. Superior AM-design allows an optimal flow of the plastic melt.


compared to existing solutions

  • Trouble-free injection molding
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Less machine wear
  • Better part quality
  • Better mechanical part properties
  • Lower maintenance and downtime cost
  • Less risk of residues on the mold surface
  • Easy cleaning
  • Long lifetime


Optimized melt flow thanks to superior AM design

  • Up to 33 % less pressure drop*
  • Up to 50 % less shear stress*
  • Large filtration area
  • Small mesh size also for bigger diameters
  • Good mixing properties
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Wear resistant (50 HRC)

*Compared to edge filter

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  • voestalpine High Performance Metals Slovakia, s.r.o.

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