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Unipetrol Group spend 213 million CZK in the Environment in 2012

  • 27.05.2013
Unipetrol Group spend 213 million CZK in the Environment in 2012

Unipetrol's investment costs for the protection of the environment reached CZK 213 million last year. The largest investments were made by Česká Rafinérská (CZK 127 mil.) and Unipetrol RPA (CZK 62 mil.). At Chempark Záluží, this included, among other things, the modification of the flare system in part of the refinery and the implementation of several preventive projects with the aim of continuing to secure Bílina river. Individual companies in the Unipetrol Group also continued work on eliminating old environmental burdens.

"In the last five years, we have invested over CZK 1.1 billion in protecting the environment. A number of additional measures and projects with a positive impact on the environment were also realized within the scope of operating costs for equipment maintenance. It remains our priority to help the sustainable development of the region, despite today's complicated economical situation. To this end we will continue investing into the environment in the future," said Marek Świtajewski, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Unipetrol.

In 2012, Unipetrol RPA continued in the implementation of a project to segregate waste water within the waste water system and finished the reconstruction of the sewage system in the ethylene plant area. It also built a stable emergency retention site, which will help to protect the Bílina River. The integrated sewage system was equipped with a camera system for quicker detection of any leaks of hazardous substances.

Investments by Česká Rafinérská included, for instance, the modification of the flare system to eliminate potential safety risks, the continued reconstruction of the sewer system in Kralupy and preparation of all necessary steps for the reconstruction of the waste water treatment plant in Kralupy nad Vltavou. At the Kolín Paramo economic center, the renovation of tanks in the mixing plant was completed, which was co-financed from the Operational Program Environment.

Companies in the Unipetrol Group operate in compliance with the Responsible Care program. This is a voluntary global initiative of the chemical industry focused on supporting its sustainable development by increasing the safety of operated equipment, the transport of products and improving the safety and protection of people and the environment. The national version of the Responsible Care program is called "Responsible Business in the Chemical Industry".


More information on this subject is available in the annual report: HERE»



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