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Stretch-hood - inteligent wrapping of pallets

  • 08.10.2013

Plastika, a.s. became one of the producers of films, which meets all the requirements of intelligent packaging process.

At the end of the year we informed you that we are working on development of modern film type - stretch hood. We are happy to announce that we developed film, which meets requirements of inteligent wrapping process.

Hereafter our customers may get benefit from advantages which stretch hood provides. Pallet with goods packed by stretch hood is fixed extremly super strong, whereas film does not stick to the goods. Total wrapping effectivity is on top level. This wrapping process does not need any heater, so energy consumption is lower and workplace is made safer. Needed length of film is measured by an electronic eye and cut off the roll so there is no scrap not even over consumption. One film size can wrap different sizes of pallets. You can easily pack 150 pallets per hour. There are low maintenance costs of the machine due to less moving and heated parts. Stretch hood does not have any problem with printability neither water proofness. Find more HERE
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