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Company Description

The GUMOTEX company is your reliable partner in the textile-rubber and technical foam production market. Thanks to modern technology and continuous improvement in the area of development we are able to offer tailor made solutions for your business. We are masters in the field of coated fabrics and rubber compounds and our products can be found within the automotive industry, as well as in other businesses such as water sports and rescue systems. We are among the foremost Czech exporters and we export over 75% of our production to more than 40 countries around the world.


GUMOTEX Coating, s.r.o. is focused on the production of rubber coatings, rubber compounds and final textile-rubber production. According to the application of our products our portfolio is divided into several divisions.

GUMOTEXSpecialists in the development and production of inflatable boats (kayaks, canoes and rafts) and outdoor products, which have proven themselves for use in both recreational and professional sports and in specialized rescue services. 

Implements the development and production of a wide range of rubber compounds and coated fabrics intended for our own use and also for sale to business partners for further processing.


Develops and manufactures products for use in rescue systems and crisis situations, necessary to protect and save lives, health and property.


GUMOTEX Automotive, s.r.o. is a well-known provider of components for the automotive industry. We develop and produce interior parts for cars, trucks and buses. Equal emphasis is placed on quality, functionality, reliability and design. We are one of the leading suppliers for cars of the year.


GUMOTEX Automation technology, s.r.o. deals with the development and production of machinery, including CE certification. 3D models, system control, management and SW system implementation and service. Our machine shop offers services such as milling, turning, drilling, grinding and welding - production of parts. Last but not least, we have the craft services of engineers, electricians, locksmiths and plumbers.


ISO/TS 16949, EN ISO 14001, ISO 9001

Range of products / Services

6 product groups generate almost 2.5 miliard annual turnover:


Rubber blends

GUMOTEX has been manufacturing and developing rubber blends since 1950. In addition to the portfolio of our own 150 blends of various properties and colours we are also able to prepare blends with specific physical and mechanical properties exactly according to customer´s needs.

The top quality of supplied blends is guaranteed thanks to the certified manufacture processes (ISO 9001) and technological processing which is above usual standards. GUMOTEX has own laboratory available with reliable devices for measuring of physical-mechanical properties that are declared by Material Data Sheets. GUMOTEX is also able to provide for specific measurements through external accredited testing stations.

For the manufacture of rubber blends the following basic elastomers are used: natural rubber (NR), styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR), butyl rubber (IIR), ethylene-propylene rubber (EPM, EPDM), butadiene-acrylonitrile rubber (NBR), chloroprene (CR) and chlorine-sulphonated polyethylene (CSM). Also rubber blends from recycled rubber are offered.

Application of blends

  • For general use – automobile mats
  • For mechanical and dynamic stress – shoemaking, seals, hoses.
  • For thermal stress – seals, hoses.
  • Swelling resistance (oilproof) – machine industry.
  • Chemical substances resistance – chemical industry.

The rubber blends are further used for surface treatment, e.g. of textiles, plastic films, paper and similar by means of technologies painting, coating or impregnation.

Surface treated materials

Surface treated textiles, one-side or both-side surface treatments of substrate textile materials with polymers (polyvinylchloride, polyurethane or their combination) and rubber blends find their application not only in the following branches:

  • various industrial products (shelter roofs, tents, inflatable products, vehicle components, sewing system reconstruction hoses, forcing bags for confectioners and others)
  • ready-to-wear clothes and accessories (jackets, vests, overalls, coats, rucksacks, sleeping bags and others)
  • working aprons and gloves
  • chemical industry (protective wear for elimination of accidents)


Textile materials used for these applications are largely cotton, polyester, polyamid, glass textile or their combinations. The rubber blends for their surface treatment are usually based on natural rubber (NR), styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR), acrylonitrile-butadiene-rubber (NBR), chloroprene-rubber (CR), brom-isobutylen-isoprene rubber (BIIR), etylene-propylene-diene rubber (EPDM) or chlorine-sulphonated polyethylene (CSM).

Technological possibilities allow applying a thin rubber coating and impregnation already from 2 g/m2 up to heavy coatings consisting of several layers on substrate textiles. Heavier coatings can be made also without a substrate textile only as a film. Surface treated materials can be supplied either in raw or in vulcanized condition. The vulcanized material can be further cut and supplied in the shape of rolls in any width from 20 mm up to the maximum roll weight of 25 kg. The width of the treated material, appearance of its surface, length of the bale and packing can be adapted to individual customer needs.

The material can be tested in an accredited laboratory and then a test report or a certificate is issued. Processes of design, development, manufacture and sale of the surface treated materials are certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Special treatment

  • Water-repellent treatment

The textile is wrapped in a permeable or impermeable hydrophobic layer, which suppresses the wettability of the textile, making it waterproof, water-repellent, less likely to crease and easily washable. The corresponding properties of the modified fabric can be verified in our laboratories (test head, spray test).

  • Fireproofing treatment

The fabric is coated providing the required degree of fireproofing according to use. The incombustibility can be tested in our laboratories.

  • Oil-resistant treatment

This treatment increases the resistance of the material to substances with oil-like properties.

  • Acid-resistant treatment

With the help of this treatment material has increased resistance to acids.

  • Antimicrobial treatment

Sanitized® Silver is a top-class antimicrobial treatment from the renowned Swiss company, SANITIZED AG.

  • Insect-repellent treatment

In cooperation with SANITIZED AG, GUMOTEX, a.s. has developed a special treatment for textile materials. Due to the active ingredient, insects are not able to detect a “target”, not being able to see or smell their victim. This insect-repellent textile treatment is highly resistant to washing and chemical cleaning. It fulfills the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and has been tested in the Swiss Tropical Institute’s laboratories.


The GUMOTEX AUTO group is a significant supplier of parts for the car industry. It develops and produces interior parts for cars, lorries and buses. Equal emphasis is placed on quality, function, reliability and design.

GUMOTEX AUTO Group established new research and development centers in 1 January 2016. This department is responsible for new product development, innovations in existing products and innovations in machinery in all product groups. The designers work on projects in CAD system Catia V5, ProE and Solid Edge. We use Moldflow analysis in the simulations of the plastics.

Equipment Development Centre:

  • dedicated devices for measuring the operating parameters of sun visors
  • 3D scanner with integrated laser and touch probe
  • 3D printer for prototyping
  • climate chambers for thermal specific tests including the simulation of moisture and a device for measuring noise
  • rippers

GUMOTEX AUTO product portfolio: large and small PUR parts, sun visors, EPP parts, plastic parts, handgrips for gear levers


The GUMOTEX Boats&Outdoor brand incorporates entertainment, adventure and a long tradition. Whether on a recreational cruise with your family, holidaying with friends or shooting rapids, it can be relied on as a professional partner. GUMOTEX inflatable boats have been bringing joy adventure and excitement to people worldwide for 60 years. The time-tested production, where the original technology is even now used as the basis for the manufacture of boats, confirms that GUMOTEX Boats&Outdoor products have, even today, an almost indefinite lifespan. GUMOTEX, a.s. honours tradition and hard work, with all its products being made by skilful hands. Their advantages are safety, quality, lightness and ease of storing.


Products GUMOTEX Rescue Systems assist in saving lives and property during emergencies. The decisive factor is the speed with which the rescue teams can begin to use our products during such situations and the quality of design, on which they can rely. When we are developing these products, we cooperate with various bodies of rescue systems. We are always grateful for their advice or comments that contribute significantly to the effectiveness and practicality of the subsequent use. Our products are used not only by members of fire brigades and rescue services, but we also supply equipment for the Czech army. We believe that in the future we will succeed to get on even in other NATO armies. We pride ourselves on the fact that the solutions offered by us are comprehensive and have been thoroughly tested for more than 20 years of demanding use.


GUMOTEX Automation Technology develops and manufactures machinery and specialized machines, manipulators, and assembly and test products. We have a history in the development and production of sophisticated machinery for the collection and sorting of scrap metal. We provide customers with comprehensive services ranging from design and construction drawings through to commissioning and subsequent warranty and post-warranty service. We use our machining services – milling, turning, drilling and grinding – in the production of spare parts and other machine parts according to documentation supplied or created by us. We diagnose and repair important production machines, offer general repairs and refurbishing and provide the services of electrical engineers, electricians, fitters and plumbers.


Sophisticated multifunctional air-filled systems.



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