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  • Brady s.r.o.

    Brady s.r.o.

    Industrial marking

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    • C.A.P. spol. s r.o.

      C.A.P. spol. s r.o.

      Exclusiv distributor of manufacturer of plastic closures BERICAP in Czech and Slovak republic.

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      •, Peter Kollárik – KOLLT, Peter Kollárik – KOLLT

        Packaging foils for the food and non-food industry, cellophane, bags, sachets, sacks, pouches, foils with printing, BOPP foils.

      • CENTRUM SERVIS s.r.o.

        CENTRUM SERVIS s.r.o.

        Graphic and industrial screen printing, pad printing, printing of plastic products, flexo printing, technologies, nets, graphic design, product...

      • Dílna, spol. s r.o.

        Dílna, spol. s r.o.

        Pad printing, marking of plastics, pad printing machines, industrial systems Printing International, development, construction and sale of pad...

      • FLEXAPRINT, s.r.o.

        FLEXAPRINT, s.r.o.

        printed aluminum foil for pharmaceutical industry

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        • FOLPLAST Kolárovo

          FOLPLAST Kolárovo

          Manufacture of bags, printed bags, and bags in different sizes, any colour, plain or printed. Graphic design and printing.

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          • GUMOTEX Automotive Myjava, s.r.o.

            GUMOTEX Automotive Myjava, s.r.o.

            Production of technical and aesthetic plastic products for the automotive, white goods and kitchen appliances, plastics injection molding.

          • Hi-Technology Mouldings Slovakia

            Hi-Technology Mouldings Slovakia

            Injection mouldings and assemblies to the highest standards.

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            • Husqvarna Manufacturing CZ s.r.o.

              Husqvarna Manufacturing CZ s.r.o.

              Development, production and testing of molds for technical parts and molds.Thermoplastics molds

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              • In Print s.r.o.

                In Print s.r.o.

                Foils, tubes, semi-tubes, flat foils, bags, sacks, labels and stickers, etching tapes and warning (non-adhesive) tapes, courier, post, e-shop bags...

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                • INCOT PLASTIC s.r.o.

                  INCOT PLASTIC s.r.o.

                  Production of plastic moldings, design of plastic parts, production of injection molds, plastic injection, plastic molding, tool shop.

                • KA-print. s.r.o.

                  KA-print. s.r.o.

                  Pad printing products, specializing in industrial printing

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                  • Kasko spol. s r.o.

                    Kasko spol. s r.o.

                    Development and injection of plastic moldings, construction, production of molds and tools, plastic press, plastic plating, two-component injection...

                  • Knudsen Plast, s.r.o.

                    Knudsen Plast, s.r.o.

                    Production of plastic products for the medical industry, plastic injection, assembly of plastic parts, plastic welding and printing of plastic...

                  • KURZ Czech & Slovak s.r.o.

                    KURZ Czech & Slovak s.r.o.

                    Hot stamping - technologies, hot stamping of foil, decoration of plastics, packaging machines, packaging lines, packaging technology, surface...

                  • ONDRÁŠEK Slovakia s.r.o.

                    ONDRÁŠEK Slovakia s.r.o.

                    The sole and exclusive supplier of labeling equipment brands Markem - Imaje in Slovakia. Customers supply original spare parts and high technology...

                  • PF PLASTY CZ s.r.o.

                    PF PLASTY CZ s.r.o.

                    Production of injection molds, production of thermoplastic moldings and moldings with reflective surfaces, pressing of optical parts, moldings of...

                  • PLASTIKA a.s.

                    PLASTIKA a.s.

                    It supplies plastic components for industrial applications, plastic moldings, plastic surface treatment, plastic injection, printing of plastic...

                  • R-DESIGN PLAST s.r.o.

                    R-DESIGN PLAST s.r.o.

                    Molding and plastics processing with acrylic and polycarbonate sheets.

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                    • Slovpack Bratislava spol. s.r.o.

                      Slovpack Bratislava spol. s.r.o.

                      Coextruded polyethylene LDPE and HDPE films, HDPE film, LLDPE film, packaging film, packaging film, transparent film, packaging materials.

                    • Termoplast, s.r.o.

                      Termoplast, s.r.o.

                      Technical plastic parts for the automotive and electrical industry, plastic injection, production of injection molds, assembly of plastic parts,...

                    • Trispol, Ing. František Adámek

                      Trispol, Ing. František Adámek

                      Production and injection molding of plastics, production of injection molds, production of tools, assembly, pad printing, warehouse management and...

                    • VJB PARTNER s.r.o.

                      VJB PARTNER s.r.o.

                      Plastic injection, sheet metal stamping, powder coating, screen printing, pad printing. Tool shop - production and service of molds, surface...

                    • Willmark Europe, s. r. o.

                      Willmark Europe, s. r. o.

                      The specialist in large-format digital printing. Products: flatbed printing on plastic tables, PVC stickers, banners,...

                    • Work creation

                      Work creation

                      Water transfer printing

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                      • ZÁLESÍ a.s.

                        ZÁLESÍ a.s.

                        Production of plastic parts, plastic injection, construction, development and production of injection molds, production of laminate tubes, tool shop,...

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