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NIP: 46292390
VAT: SK2023310432

Company Description

TECHNI-SCAN offers services of metrological 3D scanning, 3D measurements and subsequent data processing based on customer requirements and needs. We mainly deal with dimensional control and reverse engineering of plastic products, machined and sheet metal parts, molds, tools and fixtures. We perform measurements directly at customers with top metrological 3D scanners from the manufacturer ZEISS, capable of capturing the complete geometry of the part with an accuracy of up to 0.02 mm. It doesn't matter if the part to be scanned is a few millimeters or several meters in size, we can scan it directly in production within a few minutes to hours.

With 3D scanning, we can significantly improve production quality control, the quality of delivered parts, or diagnostics of the state of wear of molds and tools. We provide customers with extensive and tailor-made measurement comparisons and protocols with deviations of the part's real geometry from its 3D model or drawing documentation.

Reverse engineering allows us to create an accurate 3D model or drawing documentation based on the scanned geometry of an already manufactured part. This method is mainly used in the development of new products, or for the creation of production documentation for damaged parts, or parts for which production documentation does not exist.

In addition to 3D scanning, we also provide services in the field of development and design services of precise measuring or fixation devices.

Range of products / Services

  • Metrology,

  • 3D measurements,

  • 3D scanning,

  • Quality control,

  • Diagnostics of the condition of forms and tools,

  • Reverse engineering,

  • 3D modeling,

  • Design and production of preparations,

  • Industrial design,

  • Creation of production documentation


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