Szeplast Zrt.

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telephone:+36 62 555 800

NIP: HU23043732

Company Description

The company Szeplast Zrt deals with the production and sale of PVC granulates. In the production plant in the Hungarian city of Szeged, they implements the development, production and logistics of a wide range of soft and hard PVC granulates using the most modern technologies in the field of plastic granulates production. The production capacity is almost 20,000 tons per year.

The modern production hall with an area of 5,000 m2 serves not only as a place for complex, fully automated production lines, but also for separate storage processes of raw materials and finished products.


EN ISO 14001, ISO 9001

Range of products / Services

Production of soft and hard PVC granulates

- fully integrated production technology
- automatic system of measurement and dosing of raw materials
- high-performance granulation lines
- digitally controlled and controlled processes
- the properties of PVC granulates vary considerably depending on the processing and the area of use (extrusion, injection).

Areas of application of PVC granules:

- construction and technical profiles: granulates with variable technical properties for the production of external profiles, cable channels, etc.
- construction pipes: hard and soft PVC granules for the production of corrugated pipes, protective pipes, spiral pipes and drainage pipes
- window profiles: UV-stable and unbreakable PVC granules with excellent technical parameters in a wide range of colors for the production of windows, window sills, thresholds and blinds
- cables and wires: A wide range of insulating, sheathing and cable filling granules for the most diverse needs of the cable industry, from simple compositions to flame-retardant or oil-resistant granules
- fittings: hard PVC granules in a wide range of colors, especially for the production of pipe fittings and gutter elements
- injected products: PVC granulate for the production of a wide range of hard and soft injected products, e.g. connectors, covers, electrical fittings, machine parts, etc.
- agricultural and industrial hoses: Colored and transparent PVC granules of different hardness for agricultural or industrial use, with extreme heat and surface resistance
- agricultural and industrial foils: PVC granulate for the production of pond foils, water tanks and construction insulation foils

Laboratory services

- development of customized PVC granulates, according to customer needs
- control and objective assessment of PVC granulates


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