ROMI Automation s.r.o.

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telephone:+421 905 774 246  |  +421 918 684 853

NIP: 47120843
VAT: SK2023750454

Company Description

ROMI Automation is developing, designing, and manufacturing advanced automation solutions and production systems for various industrial sectors with main focus on rubber industry as this is where our key personnel has its roots.

From simple single purpose devices, sub-component feeding systems, quality inspection cells up to complex production lines, we cover the whole spectrum.

With our team of highly skilled engineers and designers we always offer our customers tailor made solutions with added value to enhance their competitiveness.

Range of products / Services

Industrial automation

For various industries we offer a wide range of automation devices, from simple pick and place applications, sub-component feeding systems, bin-picking applications using 3d vision systems, quality inspection systems, up to complex assembly lines.

Production systems for rubber molding

Based on our deep know-how in rubber processing, we offer various solutions for fully automatic rubber molding. Tasks such as product demolding, mold cleaning, sprue removal, release agent coating and sub-component handling are all integrated into one cell. Optionally we can offer additional postprocessing applications such as deflashing, dimensional calibration, automatic quality inspection, marking and packaging so that our customer can obtain a truly autonomous manufacturing line for molded rubber parts. Thanks to our own ICON control system software all components of the line can be integrated into one control system.

Automation for recycled rubber molding

For molding of products from recycled rubber we offer complex automation systems covering compound mixing, material dosing, mold filling, product demolding and mold cleaning.

Service and machine retrofits

Besides automation systems we also offer service and maintenance for injection molding and compression molding machines ranging from mechanical and electrical service up to complex machine retrofits including new control system, electrics, hydraulics or additional functions. For machine control we use our own software, the ICON control system. The hardware components of the ICON system come from established industrial electronics suppliers with worldwide sales network.


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