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telephone:+421 918 562 980

NIP: 51222281
VAT: SK2120630688

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HlavnŪ 227
Tuklaty 250 82
telephone: +420 702 173 734

Company Description

Exclusive distributor of windows†plastic films†CLASSIS†and SPECTRUM (made in USA) in Slovakia. Outdoor advers and†limelights production.

Range of products / Services

Security films

Film, which will save property or lives. Security film is clear or silver foil, which is stacked in multiple layers and after sticking to the glass of offenses creates a difficult obstacle for thieves or vandals.

Its plastic sheeting protects you for now so often already repeated in our natural elements, or terrorist attacks, security film, where an explosion in the whole glass detain and temporarily withhold fire.

Of course, like any film that we offer, and it has 99% UV stability, which together with the security features used in shop windows, restaurants, offices, but not least to the houses.

Security film is produced in three thicknesses, where 12 million and 8 million HC HC meets the requirements of insurance on building security and burglar 4mil to ZABand carries out the final form of advertising. The material can range from milk ie plexiglass, banner, metal, stainless steel, aluminum, special materials to manufactured.



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