MAT- obaly, s.r.o.

Cesta poľnohospodárov 787, 971 01 Prievidza    Show on Map

telephone:+421 46 54 22 371

VAT: SK2020078126

prevádzka Žilina    Show on Map
Kamenná 19
Žilina 010 01
telephone: 041 7637012
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Masarykova 25 B
Prešov 080 01
telephone: 051 7764003

Company Description

MAT-Packaging Ltd. is a manufacturing company, which operates the Slovak and foreign markets with packaging material. Its main activities include:

Wholesale of packaging material
Sales of packaging materials and wholesale resellers.

Production of films
The company is a producer. Operate on its own extruder film blowing. This allows our clients to provide some of the best market conditions.

Custom manufacturing of bags
Company operates its own manufacturing facility, which allows to meet the specific needs of the customer.

Collection and recycling of waste film
Operate their own recycling line for waste film on regranulate. At the same time realize collecting waste film.

 Customer sales
We provide sales, which is the norm for delivery of goods directly to the customer within agreed timeframes.


ISO 9001

Range of products / Services

Microtene ® - linear polyethylene HDPE
bags (blocked / rolo)
sheets (bags and pre-packaged)
bags, baskets
carrier bags
packaging for clothing

PERFOTÉN ® - linear polyethylene HDPE perforated flat

GRANOTÉN ® - branched polyethylene LDPE
PE film
PE bags (printed with or without printing)
PE bags
PE sheet
PE bags, fast switching
Gardening PE film - black

(Hand and machine, 150 and 200%)
food (N-300, 450 mm / 0.010 mm)
Packaging (W-500 mm / 0.017 to 0.030 mm)

HEAT shrinkable film
(For group packaging)
PVC film (0.015 to 0.035 mm)
Polyolefinické foil (0.012- 0.025 mm)
Granoten SA, SH and SJ (0.030 to 0.120 mm)

GRANOFLEX - dĺžený (oriented) polypropylene
PP binding tape (with the pins)

PP - transparent / Havana (brown)

carbonless / intus / plain

Packaging machinery and Links
wide range
according to your requirements

Aluminum Foil, Miobal, baking paper
metal / plastic bracket
film - to stretch cutter
film - HDPE handle bags
for PP strapping tape
machines for adhesive tapes


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