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Company Description

DOPAG - Manufacturer of dispensing and mixing technology for industrial processing of adhesives, resins, silicones and lubricants. World class in metering and mixing technology.


ISO 9001

Range of products / Services

Applications: Injection molding (LSR)

LSR dosing system for injection moulding

Perfectly air-free and colour consistent silicone products

DOPAG dispensing technology for LSR injection moulding
In the field of LSR, DOPAG belongs to the world's leading providers of high-quality system technology. This success is also based on our long-term experience in the processing of LSR for the requirements of various industries. The close cooperation with our customers and project partners ensures that our systems can be precisely tailored to the individual applications which enables the production of first class and high-quality products.

We understand the challenge
The DOPAG dispensing system silcomix ensures stability and reliability in continuous production - the prerequisite for your business success. Based on robust technology, we contribute to making your production a smooth and reliably running one - and this with even shorter setup times.


Silcomix LSR dosing system: Our solution for processing of liquid silicone (LSR)


The silcomix is a compact-designed, electrically driven piston pump metering and mixing system. It is used for continuous processing of medium to high-viscosity silicone-based media with a mixing ratio of 100:100. Metering is carried out directly from the original containers with a size of 20 or 200 l.

Features and benefits

  • High energy efficiency through servo-electrically driven piston pumps

  • Extremely low material waste through simultaneous drum drainage and use of special supply pumps (material residual quantity in drum < 1 %)

  • User-friendly system operation thanks to 7” touch panel

  • Precise adherence to mixing ratio through synchronous switching of piston pumps (SWIPSYNC)

  • Compact, space-saving system design

  • Compatible with pallet trucks and forklifts

  • Extremely good control behavior; even small shot sizes are possible in optimal quality

  • Flexible operation thanks to processing from 20 or 200l containers (on a chassis)

  • Process reliability thanks to data monitoring and archiving

  • Processing of abrasive media for pigment metering through special sealing technology


New mixing unit DOPAG has developed a new mixing unit for the LSR pump silcomix. The new design is unique on the market and simplifies the operation, while ensuring shorter setup times and greater system availability.


  • Simple maintenance and cleaning
  • Very short setup times (< 5 mins)
  • Very long service life
  • Continuous temperature control for constant processing temperature; water cooling via injection moulding system
  • Designed for low- and high-viscosity media
  • Precise metering of minimal quantities
  • Integrated snuff-back function closes the valve at the mixer outlet against the flow direction and does not generate any additional build-up of pressure for the injection moulding system – perfect in the case of small cavities
  • Ball valve ensures bubble-free flooding of the material after the mixer is replaced, for example.
  • Can be used on all LSR systems


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