BOCO PARDUBICE machines, s.r.o.

Čepí 1, 533 32 Pardubice    Show on Map

telephone:+420 466 797 011

NIP: 06773702
VAT: CZ06773702

  • Ing. Jakub Růžička, Obchodní ředitel, +420 731 435 437,
  • Ing. Václav Šrámek, Obchodně technický zástupce, +420 734 692 791,
  • Radek Drbal, Obchodně technický zástupce, +420 736 472 871,
  • Ing. Miroslav Frömel, Obchodně technický zástupce, +420 731 443 699,
  • Ing. Petr Náhončík, Obchodně technický zástupce, +420 732 564 861,
  • Ing. Soňa Eiblová, Marketing, +420 731 155 274,

Company Description

BOCO PARDUBICE machines, s.r.o. is a traditional Czech company and a strong partner for all companies in the plastics and rubber industries. We have been operating on this market for more than 20 years and have more than 1000 satisfied customers. Due to our experience we are able to offer extruders to your lines, spare parts for your machines and also complete lines for plastic processing.  BOCO is the largest producer of screws and barrels in the Czech Republic.


ISO 9001

Range of products / Services

  • Production of extruders:

    • for processing thermoplastics EB-P
    • for processing of rubber mixtures and EPDM EB-G
    • for processing of silicone mixtures EB-S
    • Twin-screw extruders ED-D
    • Compaunding extruders EB-K
    • Laboratory extruders EB-L
    • Co-extruders EB-KOEX
  • Production of extrusion lines for processing plastic materials(PP, HDPE, LDPE, PS, PVC, EPS, EPP, PC, ABS, PA, PES, PET)

    • for production of pipes and tubes
    • for production of profiles
    • for production of flat films
    • for the production of filaments
  • Production and renovation of screws and barrels / cylinders for machines for processing plastics and rubber (extruders and injection molding machines)

  • Production and renovation of extrusion heads and tools

  • Production of a device for pyrolytic cleaning of screws

  • Technical support – Optimalization draft of screw designs

  • Production of recycling and regranulation lines for processing of plastic materials and recycling of plastic products and waste, deliveries of granulators, shredders etc.

  • Production of compaunding lines

  • Production of thermal insulation covers on machines

  • Production of wheel clamps for cars T-car, vans, OFF Road, Moto and T-truck

We are distributors for companies:

  • DGM Recycling Systems – producer of granulators, shredders, pulverizers


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