Hotset SK s.r.o.

Nám. Slobody č. 11, 96801 Nová Baňa    Show on Map

telephone:+421/ 45/ 68 55 378

NIP: 36639079
VAT: SK2022021617

Company Description

Company Hotset SK s.r.o. is the exclusive retailer of high quality and reliable electric-heating elements of German society Hotset Heizpatronen Zuberor GmbH und a high quality infrared thermo meters and IR cameras innovative German company Optris GmbH.

Assortment / Services

Products »

     * The heating cartridge HHP
     * Spiral heating cartridge WRP
     * Flexible tubular heating elements Hotflex
     * The heating elements for pressure processing of zinc
     * Closed Heating nozzle for injection molding
     * Heater strip for jet injection molding
     * Mica and ceramic heating elements and belts
     * Fabric Insulation
     * Accessories - Mounting spray Hotset Isola, the filler tube heaters, SklotkaninovéGLS tubes, solid state relays, sockets and plugs
     * Thermocouple and RTD
     * Temperature Controllers
     * Ceramic infra
     * Infrared Thermo meters - Hand
     * Infrared thermo meter with laser sight
     * Infrared Sensors Compact series
     * Infrared thermo cameras Optris
     * Infrared thermo cameras Fluke


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