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New counter – now in standardized installation dimensions

  • 30.01.2015

The standard part provider STRACK NORMA as a producer of standard parts for the tool- and mould making has further developed its mechanical counter and launches it on the market in a new design – of course in blue.

In the dimensions the counter corresponds to the usual market installation sizes and can be identified clearly by laser marking. The mechanical counter counts the impulses of production means (injection moulds, pistons etc.) reliably and is suitable for all devices having to count an opening- and closing impulse.

The self-contained unit can be placed at or also in a retainer and can be screwed. By pressing the protruding bolt the sum counter is advanced by one figure. A reset of the seven-digit counter reading is not possible and prevents undesirable counter errors. The counter is quickly and comfortably fixed by means of two screws. For a quick and flexible control, the mechanical counter offers a visual monitoring of process data directly on the tool.

This solution is ideal for all tool producers, which have to give their customers a guarantees
for the manufactured product depending on the number of units.

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Example: mechanical counter Z 5263


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