Micro-injection moulding with ARBURG

Micro-injection moulding with ARBURG

Micro-components are often smaller than a single grain of granulate. A homogeneous preparation of the melt, short dwell times of the plastics and operation according to the first-in, first-out principle are therefore key for the quality of your parts. We also offer practical and efficient solutions in this area.

Our micro-injection module combines an 8-mm screw with a second screw for melting the material. This pioneering technology enables you to process even the smallest shot weights under one gram. Its modular design enables it to be used on ALLROUNDER standard machines. Your production remains open for a wide range of other applications.


  • Broad range: screws with 15 or 20 mm diameter and special micro-injection module with an 8-mm screw
  • Consistent optimal material preparation according to the first-in, first-out principle
  • High level of repeat accuracy during moulding, even with short travel distances, with position-regulated screw
  • Effective quality assurance: all process parameters of the machine and peripherals centrally monitored via the SELOGICA control system
  • Modular ALLROUNDER standard machines can be extended to form a system solution for micro-components, e.g. with automation, clean air module and ionisation
   Specially designed robotic systems can reliably remove the micro parts and set them down according to different cavities

Application examples

Micro gear wheel
The micro-injection module is ideal for producing a POM gear wheel measuring just a few millimetres and weighing 0.001 g. It consists of a plasticizer and an injection screw and can handle even the smallest shot weights. Eight micro-components are produced in a cycle time of 6.9 seconds.

Ceramic ferrules connect optical fibre bundles for the transmission of data. The key here is the high-precision moulding of the through-hole, measuring just 0.125 mm. Tolerances of +/- 10 µm are achieved with powder injection moulding. This is achieved by means of ARBURG's position-regulated screw.

Clockwork mechanism
Micro-precision components, such as those used in watches, do not just need to be small, but must also comply with tolerances in the micrometre range. Precise moulding is assured by the position-regulated screw or servo-electrically driven machines from ARBURG.


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