Material from Polykemi for portable ventilators

Material from Polykemi for portable ventilators

Polykemi has delivered compounds used for parts in portable ventilators for several years. During 2020, the demands have increased dramatically, which has led to orders and deliveries having more than tripled.

During a normal year Polykemi delivers around 30 ton of plastic compounds used for the production of portable ventilators, used in ambulances and helicopters. After some urgent meetings between our customer and the end customer, Polykemi suddenly received an order for 80 ton PC/ASA in April, resulting in major challenges for both Polykemi purchasing and production departments.

The challenge with this order is mainly that some components in the materials, especially the non-halogen flame retardants, has a very long delivery time. After some special actions Polykemi has delivered close to 100 ton of compounds so far this year.

The material is the PC/ASA blend SCANBLEND FS8 NH in customer adapted colors: white, light grey, dark grey and blue. The materials are, among other things, used for the housings for portable ventilators used in ambulances and rescue helicopters, products which unfortunately is really needed this year.

In a time when our biggest customer segment; the automotive industry, has both stopped but fortunately started up again, we are truly grateful to get the opportunity to show competence and flexibility also within other industries such as the medical segment, comments Mr. Ulrik Nilsson, Area manager for Switzerland at Polykemi.

It feels important, especially during this year, to be able to help out as quickly as possible and to contribute to increased production of medical equipment, Ulrik concludes.

Material from Polykemi for portable ventilators 
After some special measures, Polykemi has delivered almost 100 ton of compounds for portable ventilators.  
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