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This document specifies the requirements for an occupational safety and health management system (OSH) and provides guidance on their use to enable organizations to provide safe and healthy workplaces with the prevention of accidents at work and health deterioration, as well as proactively improving its OSH performance. This document is applicable to any organization that wants to create, implement and maintain a health and safety management system to improve occupational safety and health, eliminate hazards and minimize health and safety risks (including system deficiencies), take advantage of health and safety management opportunities and manage health and safety management system mismatches. which are connected with its activities. This document helps the organization achieve the intended results of its OSH management system. In accordance with the organization's OSH policy, the intended results of the OSH management system include: continuous improvement of OSH performance; compliance with legal and other requirements; achieving health and safety objectives.

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  • AVE SK odpadové hospodárstvo s.r.o.

    AVE SK odpadové hospodárstvo s.r.o.

    Waste management, waste separation, hazardous waste disposal, tire recycling, rubber granulate, rubber products, rubber floors.

  • PANAS Partizánske

    PANAS Partizánske

    LUSIN - products for mold maintenance and plastic molding, OKS products, protection and maintenance of injection molds, maintenance of machinery and...

  • SG tec s.r.o.

    SG tec s.r.o.

    Plastic injection, injection molds, pressing molds, technical plastic parts, plastic moldings, tool production, CNC metal machining, Plastic testing.

  • SOFTIP, a.s.

    SOFTIP, a.s.

    Design, implementation and development of software solutions for optimising production and logistics processes. Management Information Systems....

    • Krasovského 14, Bratislava – mestská časť Petržalka
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