Introducing the new PlasticPortal logo

Introducing the new PlasticPortal logo

We are happy to present you the new PlasticPortal logo. It will be our brand from today, September 1, 2023. PlasticPortal has established as a solid partner of plastics producers. And with the new logo, it enters the next stage of its existence.

The double P in the logo represents the goal. Our customer targeting as well as the fact that our services bring you, the customer, closer to your goal. At the same time, the logo represents a magnifying glass. Under the magnifying glass we have the plastics industry in every detail.


With the redesign of the logo we continue the series of portal innovations. After the recent move to new, representative premises in the centre of Nitra, the modernisation of the logo is the second. And more will follow. We will keep you informed about them.

logo PlasticPortal 
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