MASTEX, spol. s r.o.

Fibichova 16, 82105 Bratislava    Show on Map

telephone:+421 2 48 700 611  |  +421 907 726 359

NIP: 31360696
VAT: SK2020321930

Company Description

Sales, service, technical support, spare parts and training. Exclusive representation for ENGEL Slovakia.


ISO 9001

Range of products / Services

Injection Moulding machines ENGEL

  • duo  the powerful injection moulding machine for large parts
  • e-duo the electric powerhouse for large precision parts
  • v-duo the space-saving vertical machine for large lightweight components
  • victory the tie-bar-less machine for efficient production of technical mouldings
  • e-victory the tie-bar-less machine for precision technical mouldings
  • e-mac the small all-electric injection moulding machine for standard applications
  • e-motion the all-electric injection moulding machine for high-end applications
  • e-cap the caps & closures machine with maximum energy efficiency
  • speed | e-speed the high-speed machine for maximum output
  • insert the vertical injection moulding machine for perfectly overmoulded insert parts
  • elast the elastomer injection moulding machine for special requirements
  • flexseal the compact machine for O-rings and flat seals


Robots, Automation, Peripheral equipment

  • e-pic   the smart pick & place robot
  • viper   the high-performance linear robot
  • easix  the multifunctional 6-axis robot


Conveyor sytems  efficient belt conveyor systems

CC 300 –  new control system of injection moulding machines ENGEL

iQ weight control intelligent process control for electric injection moulding unit

e-connect app - service requests and ordering spare parts. Available in German and English for iOS and Android.

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