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Company Description

Czech company A.M. spol. s r.o. based in Liberec, since 1991 has been engaged in technological consulting, design and sale of auxiliary machines and equipment for plastics operations dealing with plastics processing, especially in the fields of injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, PET processing and processing of secondary plastic waste.

The company's facilities include administrative and storage facilities and a newly built technology and training center.

The company A.M. is the exclusive distributor of machinery and equipment for the Czech Republic:

Maguire The world's leading US manufacturer of gravimetric mixing machines and the manufacturer of patented ULTRA vacuum drying machines with unique drying technology, specialist in dyeing and dosing of liquid paints and powders, extrusion line control, octabine extraction, cake milling, infrared crystallizers.
SHINI One of the largest manufacturers of affordable and high-quality peripherals for plastics processors. Manufactures equipment for material drying, material transport, dyeing and mixing, tempering and cooling, grinding and crushing, manipulators and robots.

Italian company created by merging companies:
SYNCRO engaged in the construction of dispensing, thickness measuring and extrusion systems for extrusion equipment.
PLANTECH.CST specializing in handling powders, granules and liquids.
PLASMAC manufacturer of recycling lines.

Lorandisilos Manufacturer of stainless steel silos.


The supplied equipment can be further customized according to the specific needs of the customer and supplemented with A.M. so that they better meet the specific conditions of specific projects.

Range of products / Services

1. Drying of material

It supplies practically all types of drying equipment for plastics. To remove surface moisture, hot air drying silos, for drying wet materials compact, flexible and battery dryers with rotor dehumidifiers, diaphragm and compressed air dryers for pressurized dry and undried air and patented energy-efficient vacuum dryers with extreme drying speed. The product range is complemented by an on-line moisture measurement device and a dew point kit as an option for any existing dryer.

2. Transport of material

It offers equipment for vacuum, overpressure and mechanical transport of material. Low-capacity Venturi suction units, integrated suction units with built-in vacuum motor, separate suction units with separate vacuum source for one or more high-capacity delivery points and central vacuum systems for material transport. There are also devices for pressurized transport in thin phase, including devices for filling forces and spiral or worm conveyors.

3. Mixing of material

Assortment for dosing and mixing of materials. Volumetric dyeing and worm dosing units for grinding and extruding material and liquid dosing units. Very wide range of gravimetric dyeing and dosing units based on weight loss measurement for all types of materials including powder, paste and brittle and multi-component dosing stations.
We offer the world's best selling gravimetric batch mixing machines with the possibility of adding powders and liquids. The product range also includes high-volume vertical mixers.

4. Grinding and crushing

We supply mills designed for the reprocessing of the pulp at the machine, slow running knife mills for common materials and sieve mills for very hard, brittle and filled materials. Central knife mills for mass or bulk grinding, crushers for reducing the size of robust parts and special two-stage mills for grinding of splashes and extrusions.

5. Cooling and tempering

We offer water pressure tempering devices, oil and combined devices for various temperature applications and associated devices with integrated cooling unit, as well as separate cooling units with air or water cooled condenser. Modular float and digital controllers for flow control and multi-band hot runner controllers for temperature control.

6. Robotization

In the field of production automation, we offer simple swiveling robots for standard and vertical small-size injection molding machines and a wide range of three-axis robots with one or three servo drives for simple and very complex applications.

7. Handling products

We supply various types of belt conveyors and additional equipment for handling finished products. Straight, angled and double-angled conveyors, some types with built-in separators for separating gates and products, separate powerful separators, conveyors for robots with protective cages and elevators for PET preforms.
The offer is complemented by various types of equipment for filling transport containers.

8. Material storage

We supply internal flexible textile silos and stacked modular stainless silos for all types of material, outdoor monolithic aluminum or stainless silos and prefabricated storage silos with on-site assembly. Octabine emptyers and big-bag emptyers are also available.

9. Metal and dust separators, blowers and other equipment

Other products include metal separators at the entrance to the machine to protect it from damage or to be mounted on a conveyor belt before entering the mill, dust separators as part of central knife mills, small separators for dust separation before entering the machine and central powerful separators. Existing or new extrusion lines can be equipped with a number of devices that ensure the production of a quality product such as foils, plates, profiles, pipes and cables.
The product range includes weighing hoppers with weight loss measurement, draw-off speed measurement, blow-out air rings, product thickness measuring systems, product defect inspection systems, exhaust equipment, etc.
We also offer a wide range of single-stage and two-stage general purpose blowers.


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