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  • In 2011 the Unipetrol Group Invested a Total of 281 Million Crowns on Environmental Protection

In 2011 the Unipetrol Group Invested a Total of 281 Million Crowns on Environmental Protection

  • 27.04.2012

In an ongoing effort to improve surrounding areas and communities where companies of Unipetrol Group operate, in 2011 the company has invested 281 million crowns in the environmental protection. Unipetrol RPA and Česká Rafinérská alone invested into projects 266 million crowns.

Among the projects funded were an “Emergency Preparedness Study” to address a potential environmental emergency affecting the Bílina River, the installation of new CO2 measurement meters and preparatory work for the “Restoration of the Mračný Creek”.

"Just between 2007 and 2011 the company has invested 1.74 billion crowns into projects which are aimed at protecting and improving the quality of surrounding areas where Unipetrol Group operates., This shows our business leadership and transparency but it also demonstrates that we accept our role in the community," commented the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Unipetrol, Piotr Chełmiński. "Implementing sustainable development of the region is important to us, which is why despite the difficult economic times , our company will  continue  investing in environmental projects in 2012".


Last year, Unipetrol RPA carried out a number of different environment-related investment projects. These included the reconstruction of wastewater and storm runoff lines including those serving the shafts in the area of the ethylene unit, safety detection equipment to monitor water levels to prevent unwanted spillage of water into the Bílý Creek and the ongoing preparatory efforts to restore Mračný Creek. Last year, an "Emergency Preparedness Study" was prepared for the Bílina River, based on which, in 2012, an emergency barrier will be built to retain any oil that might otherwise leak into the river and float on its surface, should something unexpected occur. In terms of investments at Česká Rafinérská, the company made adjustments to the flaring system in order to eliminate potential safety risks and a change to continuous emission analyzers used as part of sulfur production.


Investments on environmental protection are part of the total cumulative expenditures on environmental protection. Cumulative expenditures in 2011 amounted to almost 1.6 billion crowns and were spent on technologies and equipment related to environmental protection, operating costs related to environmental protection and on the remediation of old environmental damage. Also, included in total expenditures for 2011 were financial reserves for the future remediation of landfill areas.


The companies of the Unipetrol Group all participate in and adhere to the guidelines and principles of the Responsible Care program. This program is a voluntary global initiative of companies in the chemical industry designed to support sustainable development by helping to assure the safe operation of chemical plants, the transportation of chemical products, improving the protection of the health of individuals and the environment. The Czech national version of this Responsible Care program is the program "Responsible Business in Chemistry".


Additional information on the topic of environmental protection can be found in the annual report at:  http://www.unipetrol.cz/cs/vztahy-s-investory/vyrocni-zpravy/


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