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Ensinger presents new laser markable engineering plastics

  • 09.11.2018

The new product TECAFORM AH LM, a modified polyacetal copolymer (POM-C), permits particularly high-contrast laser markings on technical components and fulfils the stringent regulatory requirements of the food and pharmaceuticals sector (FDA, EU 10/2011).

Marking lasers are among the most reliable labelling systems. Laser labelling is permanent, fraud-proof and clearly legible. Unlike engraved surfaces, laser-marked parts are easy to clean, and in contrast to ink markings which can wear out over the product’s life cycle, there is also no contamination risk to foodstuffs or pharmaceutical products.

The material POM-C natural, which is widely used in industry, cannot be labelled using UV marking lasers, and therefore Ensinger has developed a compound with a special additive. Customised data such as text, numbers, graphics and codes facilitating traceability can be applied to the light-coloured material, available in the colours “white” and “grey”, using serial production processes.



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