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Company Description

Euroimpex CZ supplies plastics processing machines and peripheral equipment to the Czech and Slovak markets.

Euroimpex CZ represents the leading European manufacturers of equipment for plastics processors in all areas - injection molding, extrusion, blow molding.

The company's product portfolio includes: peripheral equipment, gravimetric dosing, volumetric dosing, plasticizing snails, plasticizing rollers, extruders, belt conveyors, cooling equipment, tempering equipment, on-line measurement, special extrusion lines and other equipment.

We will be happy to help you choose the right equipment based on your specifications and our many years of experience.

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Represented companies:


The main focus of Main Tech is the offer of peripherals for the plastics industry and in the wide portfolio you can also find very special equipment. Last but not least, it also belongs to specialists in complete systems of mills and other production facilities.


Stebo provides us with a complete service in the field of plasticizing units. We offer complete injection, extrusion and blow molding units as well as individual components and accessories for every production facility.


Nova Frigo operates in the market for cooling and tempering technology. Thanks to them we offer the highest quality equipment from the smallest aggregates to the complete equipment of new businesses. It is no problem for us to create central cooling with an effective combination of available products.

Mass International - BELT CONVEYORS

Thanks to Mass International we have a wide range of all common types of conveyors, including cranked, inclined or articulated conveyors. In addition to the standard products, of course we are ready to offer you many special solutions, tailor-made. The offer always includes a great variability of individual parts, such as different belt surfaces, protective cages and inlet separators.


Scantech offers on-line measurement of material thickness without the use of hazardous substances. Revolutionary X-ray technology ensures high quality without the need for high safety rules, hazardous waste disposal and regular SUJB inspections. A wide range of products can be customized and of course special software with detailed profile tracking.

Last but not least, thanks to Scantech we are able to offer online measurement of material moisture, which will make production more efficient and better respond to the humidity of the input material before it negatively affects the production itself. The technology will also make it possible to effectively reduce the environmental impact as well as reduce the risks inside the production.


COLINES specializes in the production and sale of complete extrusion lines. The main domain of the company is the film production line, including very special ones, such as stretch film or bubble.


Doteco is one of the leading players in the gravimetric mixing and dosing market. In the production, the company focuses mainly on the plastic extrusion industry and control systems for mixing and the production process itself.

Other equipment:

D.P.S. - SPECIAL PRODUCTS - sequential injection, including external units as well as atypical flowmeters, core tractors and other special applications

Rotfil - HEATING - heating elements, cartridges, plugs - connectors, thermocouples, temperature controllers and others
- many products are in stock in the Czech Republic

Steer  - special segments of extension lines and other atypical products, mainly for extrusion lines

S.T.Soffiaggio Technica S.r.l.  - special blowing technology


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