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Company Polykemi AB has signed an agreement with Dolder Germany

  • 25.03.2015

Polykemi AB, Scandinavia’s biggest compounder, intensifies the activities on the German market.

Mattias Persson - obchodný zástupca Polykemi AB Sales Manager Mr Mattias Persson of Polykemi AB is pleased to announce that in addition to the own subsidiary Polykemi GmbH Germany (www.polykemi.de), having been active on the German market since the 90s, now by the agreement with the company Dolder AG – the market presence especially in mid - and southern Germany will increase even furtherly.

Swiss company Dolder AG (www.dolder.com), Basel, is responsible as a distributor for the distribution of customer-specific compounds of Polykemi AB in Switzerland since more than 20 years. Now an agent contract with their subsidiary Dolder Germany GmbH has been signed. Dolder Germany already sells fluor polymers –and high performance polymers etc to well-known companies within a large customer base and will in addition as from now also market the compounds of Polykemi AB.


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