HITZE s.r.o.

Nám. Slobody 1258/4, 946 32 Marcelová    Show on Map

telephone:+421 949 699 791

NIP: 46 884 351

other addresses:
HITZE BT    Show on Map
Tekercselo u 3/A
Budapest 1211
telephone: 36 1425 2833
fax: 36 1 278 2670
web: www.hitze.hu

Company Description

Heaters, sensors and temperature controlers for plastic industry.

Assortment / Services

Components Heaters: injection nozzle heaters, Plastic water heaters, heaters with ceramic inserts, plate warmers Thermosensors: An important part of the injection molding thermocouples Temperature control: Controllers, Control Unit, Temperature Displays Auxiliaries Heaters forms


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