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Unipetrol will support the creation of new chemical exhibition in the National Technical Museum

  • 03.04.2013

– Unipetrol in cooperation with the National Technical Museum in Prague will support the exhibition Chemistry around us, which will be created in the NTM in the first half of 2013 and subsequently made available to the public. In addition to technical cooperation, Unipetrol also provided a financial gift to NTM in the amount of 350,000 CZK.

“We are happy that our company can participate in the realization of new chemistry exhibition in the National Technical Museum. The aim of the exhibition is to explain the importance of chemistry to the general public and show its essential role in everyday life,” said CEO and chairman of the board of directors of Unipetrol Piotr Chełmiński.


“We welcome Unipetrol as the partner of our new chemistry exhibition in NTM; it is a company that has a long history of supporting chemistry on all levels of education and research,” said CEO of NTM Karel Ksandr.


Visitors of the exhibition Chemistry around us will enjoy a number of exhibits, archive pictures and film material. The exhibition will also include a chemistry laboratory, education room for accompanying projects and an interactive program The Journey to the Secrets of Oil.


The National Technical Museum has a status of the central museum and research site of the Czech Republic, fulfilling the documentation, presentation, methodological and information function in the field of science and technology history. Its activities consist mainly of collections, created as a memory of the society, which form a material proof of the development of technology, industry, transportation, architecture and science, both in the Czech Republic and abroad, but mostly on the territory of this country.

  • autor:
  • Mikuláš Duda

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