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Unipetrol to deliver fuel for Globus

  • 24.09.2012

Unipetrol RPA has entered a contract with Globus on the delivery of fuel. The contract will have Unipetrol RPA provide fuel for 16 Globus gas stations. The partnership will last for two years.

„By signing the contract, Unipetrol RPA has become the exclusive supplier of fuel for the Globus gas station chain. This will ensure that drivers purchase quality fuel, produced in the refineries in Kralupy nad Voltavou and Litvínov, at Globus gas stations." stated Marek Œwitajewski, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of UNIPETROL a.s.


Unipetrol RPA will deliver lead-free BA95 car petrol to Globus gas stations, as well as Ultra 95 activated petrol, diesel oil and UltraDiesel (Activated motor diesel). Annually, this will constitute several dozen million liters of fuel.

  • autor:
  • MikulᚠDuda

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