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Unipetrol Strategy for 2013-2017

  • 12.06.2013

The company will focus on achieving efficiency gains and operational excellence across the core areas of its business.

Despite the macroeconomic headwinds and considerable market challenges, Unipetrol wants to improve its financial performance and maintain it at a sustainably positive level that will allow it to make further investments and develop its resources.

The refinery segment will maximise its usage capacities. The petrochemical segment will strengthen its market position through restructuring as well as improvement of the condition and efficiency of its production assets. The main goal for the retail segment is to significantly increase its market share and achieve better sales in the non-fuel segment. Within the next few years, Unipetrol also plans to secure its energy needs at optimised costs.

The targets adopted under the new strategy include:

  • Cumulative EBITDA (LIFO-based) at CZK 25bn in 2013-2017,
  • Total capital expenditure (CAPEX) at CZK 19bn in 2013–2017,
  • 27% increase in average annual Free Cash Flow (FCF), to CZK 1.5bn,
  • Increase of the retail market share to 20%,
  • Maintenance of the annual average leverage ratio at up to 20% over the strategy horizon of 2013-2017

“In line with our plans, we have started to implement the ORLEN strategy for key companies of the Group. I am confident that the reasonable financial assumptions and flexible CAPEX planning provided for in the ORLEN strategy will work just fine for Unipetrol, which operates in an extremely challenging market environment,” said Jacek Krawiec, CEO of PKN ORLEN and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Unipetrol. “When preparing the assumptions of the Unipetrol strategy, we considered the specifics of the Czech market, where – in addition to a vast grey market – the company has to deal with high energy prices and logistics challenges,” Mr Krawiec added.

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  • autor:
  • Mikuláš Duda

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