Obchodní společnost KREDIT, spol. s r.o.

Slavkov 284, 687 64 Horní Němčí    Show on Map

telephone:+420 572 614 211

NIP: 18188494

Company Description

Obchodní společnost Kredit, spol. s r.o. works in the field of production and delivery of professional storage technologies.

It specializes in manufacturing mobile devices and delivering dynamic storage systems.

Kredit products are requested by customers due to:

  •             high technical level
  •             utility values
  •             complexity of our services
  •             reliable distribution network
  •             of a fair price

Range of products / Services


Stationary storage:

Storey Warehouses »

  •           from pallet racks
  •           from shelving racks

Storage platforms:

  •             from rolled profiles

Dynamic storage:

  •             mobile pallet racks
  •             mobile console racks
  •             console shelves with sliding arms
  •             mobile shelving racks
  •             drawer racks - Drivebox, Dynamouldbox
  •             gravity shelves
  •             automatic storage towers
  •             push back gravity shelves


  •          training for service and maintenance of equipment
  •          high quality accompanying technical documentation also in el. form on CD
  •          possibility of restoring technical documentation - document archiving for projects
  •          free SW upgrade to heavy-duty mobile devices
  •          contractually guranteed control of the technical state of the equipment
  •          qualified performance of technical state controls
  •          quality personnel and technically secured service
  •          contractual provision of lifetime technical equipment care
  •          performing corrections after failure and planned fixes
  •          storage and sale of spare parts
  •          reconfiguration and expansion of equipment


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