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telephone:+420 776 273 320

NIP: 278 070 45

  • Ladislav Kožïál, +420 776 273 333

Company Description

TOOL-TEMP CZ is a subsidiary of Swiss company TOOL-TEMP AG and also the exclusive importer of tempering and cooling equipment TOOL-TEMP to the CR and SK. TOOL-TEMP AG is the largest manufacturer of thermoregulatory devices in Europe. In its new manufacturing complex in the Swiss Sulgenu develops and manufactures temperature control devices and cooling devices of high quality for a wide range of industries.

Range of products / Services

Tempering devices:

  • Universal tempering devices
  • Water tempering devices
  • Oil tempering devices
  • Pressure water tempering devices

Water cooling devices

Contemporary Spa

Vacuum leak stopper

Measuring and testing apparatus

TOOL-THERM SH-3 heating oil


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