Calendar of Events in the field of plastics processing, plastic packaging, machinery and technologies.

Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

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  • Seminar for engineers forms

    • 13.09.2021 - 14.09.2021

    The seminar program is focused on plastic materials and mold design for the most efficient production with sufficient processing...

  • Perspectives of the use of plastics in the conditions of circular economy

    • 15.09.2021 - 16.09.2021

    15.-16. September 2021, we are preparing a conference for you, full of lectures by experts in our field on current topics in the world of...

  • Seminar for merchants, purchasing staff and project managers

    • 15.09.2021 - 15.09.2021

    The seminar explains basic information about materials, their production and pricing. Furthermore, the basics of injection molding technology + additional operations are discussed. This knowledge will help trainees to calculate product prices and the potential risks associated with manufacturing...

  • Injection technology I.

    • 20.09.2021 - 21.09.2021

    SimulPlast s.r.o., an expert in the field of plastic injection, invites you to training Injection technology I. The training ensures fast and efficient acquisition of knowledge from the injection molding process for injection molding machine sorters, technologists, production controllers, foremen,...

  • Seminar Tempering of injection molds 2021

    • 22.09.2021 - 22.09.2021

    The seminar will take place on 22 September 2021 in the INTEMAC Research Center (TOS Kuřim...

  • Injection technology II.

    • 22.09.2021 - 23.09.2021

    SimulPlast, an expert in the field of plastic injection, invites you to the training Injection Technology II. The training is intended for graduates of the Injection Technology I. training, to deepen their knowledge of the principles of construction and operation of the inlet and cooling system,...

  • One day seminar Cadmould® 3D-F

    • 23.09.2021 - 23.09.2021

    The seminar will focus on the use of Cadmould software for plastic injection analysis. Participants will receive a 4-week software for the opportunity to try it out at the...

  • Designer of plastic parts

    • 27.09.2021 - 28.09.2021

    SimulPlast s.r.o. organizes training for designers of plastic products and molds. The aim is to get acquainted with the specific properties of plastic materials, and their limiting influence on the geometry, functionality, appearance, economy and manufacturability of plastic...

  • Twin-screw extruders for Pharma applications

    • 06.10.2021 - 07.10.2021

    An introduction to Hot Melt Extrusion (HME) and melt granulation for both immediate and controlled release pharmaceutical applications will be...

  • CEE Automotive Supply Chain 2021

    • 12.10.2021 - 13.10.2021

    We invite you to the fourth year of the CEE Automotive Supply Chain 2021 event, which is organized by the Association of the Automotive Industry, the Association of the Automotive Industry of the Slovak Republic and other...

  • Purging and Cleaning Twin-Screw Extruders

    • 10.11.2021 - 11.11.2021

    We are often asked to recommend products and/or procedures for purging and cleaning twin-screw elements and...

  • Maintenance Best Practices

    • 01.12.2021 - 02.12.2021

    This webinar provides recommendations for a preventive maintenance program to maximize uptime for your twin-screw...

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