Calendar of Events in the field of plastics processing, plastic packaging, machinery and technologies

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  • Technology for rapid production of plastic parts and prototypes

    • 02.01.2017

    What is more effective? Shows a drawing or a functional 3D model that everyone can examine from all sides and to test in practice? 3D printer you build accurate, strong, durable and colorful parts....

  • 3D optical measurement

    • 02.01.2017

    Do you know what is a 3D optical measurement? In layman's terms, it is the shape of a physical object transferring to a computer. Why measure (scan)? To create a computer model and check its shape...

  • Methods of CNC machining

    • 02.01.2017

    Have you ever seen machining using a robot? And this is just one of the possible applications. Waiting for your detailed introduction to the nature and application of machining. Let me explain the benefits of programming in machining CAM system compared to conventional...

  • Interactive Modeling

    • 02.01.2017

    Have you tried as a child model from plasticine? Imagine that you are sitting at your computer and do the same. Your hand is extended electronic arms and formed any 3D virtual...

  • Seminar troubleshooting zpôsobených static electricity

    • 12.01.2017

    Come to a free seminar and take the opportunity to find a comprehensive solution to the problems caused by static electricity in the plastics, automotive, rubber, paper and pharmaceutical...

  • Seminar on the revision of the standard EN ISO 13485: 2016

    • 18.01.2017

    ITC organizes seminar on "Revision of Standard EN ISO 13485: 2016 - standard structure, changes from the previous version, the new requirements, procedures certification body notified...

  • Expert seminar - innovative solution forms 2017

    • 19.01.2017

    The company CECHO - Bohumil CEMPÍREK invites you to a seminar focused on new solutions in design and technology of injection...

  • The financial control environment of the public administration in 2016

    • 20.01.2017

    The seminar is designed especially public administration entities, natural persons - entrepreneurs and legal entities that have public funds from municipalities and higher territorial...

  • How to claim tax credit for research and development

    • 27.01.2017

    Expert seminar focusing on practical information and experience about 'super' deduction of expenditure on research and development in...

  • 2nd European Food & Beverage Plastic Packaging

    • 08.02.2017

    Improving Sustainability Practices Across the Supply Chain – Moving Towards a Circular...

  • Social protocol - seminary

    • 09.02.2017

    Training of social protocol is ready to make it a little guide social...

  • Seminar troubleshooting static electricity

    • 09.02.2017

    Come to a free seminar and take the opportunity to find a comprehensive solution to the problems caused by static electricity in the plastics, automotive, rubber, paper and pharmaceutical...

  • Care work equipment (technical equipment and machinery)

    • 16.02.2017

    The seminar will detail paid care work equipment, technical equipment and...

  • Injection technology I.

    • 20.02.2017

    The training ensures fast and efficient acquisition of knowledge of the injection process for injection molding binders, technology, production controllers, foremen, and so...

  • Injection technology - seminar

    • 22.02.2017

    The training is designed for graduates injection technology training I, to deepen their knowledge of the principles of construction and operation of the inlet and cooling system, plastic deformation and address some special diseases of plastic...

  • Customs law of the European Union and Slovakia

    • 22.02.2017

    The seminar will provide participants with information on relevant developments in EU customs legislation and Slovakia, which were implemented from 1 5.2016. Day seminar is focused on the legislative status of EU Customs rules and Slovakia before and after 1 May...

  • Training news SOLIDWORKS 2017

    • 27.02.2017

    Register and find out which offers the latest range of SolidWorks products...

  • EUREM - Energy Manager

    • 01.03.2017

    EUREM is an internationally recognized training courses aimed at increasing the skills of the technical experts in the field of energy efficiency. EUREM program underway in 30 countries and encompasses virtually all relevant energy issues that occur in...

  • Partners4Innovation

    • 01.03.2017

    Partners4Innovation brokerage event dedicated to companies, scientific research teams and institutions with relation to the...

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