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RADKA Pardubice a.s. acquires Szórádi és Társai Kft.

  • 22.04.2013

RADKA Pardubice a.s., the holding company providing the distribution of chemical specialties in CEE through the network of RADKA GROUP companies and Szórádi és Társai Kft., the Thermoplastics distributor in Hungary, have announced signing of the contract under which RADKA Pardubice a.s. acquires 100 % ownership of Szórádi és Társai Kft.

Szórádi és Társai Kft. seated in Budapest, Hungary has more than 21 years of experience in the
plastics distribution business and during this period became one of well-respected distributors in
Hungary. The products are used in different branches of the industry, especially concentrated to
automotive and electronic ones but used also in other application fields.
The activity of Szórádi és Társai Kft. covers more then 800 clients on the territory of Hungary, the
company expects revenues of over €12 million in 2013.

RADKA Pardubice a.s., is a dynamic developing holding structure of RADKA GROUP companies
operating on the territory of Central, South and East Europe, with business activities mostly
oriented to the distribution of chemical specialties. Core business of the company has been
concentrated to Technical thermoplastics, Rubber specialties, Coating Specialties and
Construction Specialties distribution. The company expects revenues of about €42 million (without
Szórádi és Társai Kft.) in 2013.

The Top Managements of both companies expressed confidence that incorporation of the Szórádi
és Társai Kft. into RADKA GROUP structure will boost the next effective development of the
described business in the territory of Hungary.

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