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  • GRAVPLAST s.r.o.

    GRAVPLAST s.r.o.

    Processing of secondary raw materials of thermoplastic materials, recycling of plastics, regranulate, regranulation, purchase of plastics, granules,...

  • H&Z Technology

    H&Z Technology

    Plastic recycling, production and sale of regranulate ABS, HIPS, PC, PC/ABS, ASA, SAN, EPS, POM.

  • Import Export Hurt Spedycja J.J. Sp. z o.o.

    Import Export Hurt Spedycja J.J. Sp. z o.o.

    Collection and purchase of waste plastics, plastic waste, purchase, sale, recycling of plastics in the form of agglomerates, grinding, crushing, sale...

  • Ing. Jozef Habánik Enviroplasty

    Ing. Jozef Habánik Enviroplasty

    Purchase, processing and sale of plastic waste

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    • Ing. Vlastimil Ladýř - Ladeo

      Ing. Vlastimil Ladýř - Ladeo

      Granulation of plastics, selling quality granulate

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      • Inventplast HV s.r.o.

        Inventplast HV s.r.o.

        Purchase and processing of plastic waste, sale of primary plastic materials, offgrade of granules, regranulates and crumbs, recycling of plastic...

      • JF PLASTY s.r.o.

        JF PLASTY s.r.o.

        Recycling of plastics, collection and purchase of waste plastics, foils, plastic crumb, plastic crushing, plastic waste, purchase, sale, purchase of...

      • JJ Recycling spol. s r. o.

        JJ Recycling spol. s r. o.

        Recycling of technical plastics, sale of plastic regrind and granules, purchase and recycling of waste plastics, plastic regranulate, plastic regrind.

      • JMK Recycling, s.r.o.

        JMK Recycling, s.r.o.

        JMK Recycling, s.r.o. - plastic sorting, plastic recycling, crushing, plastic regranulation, waste management services, waste management.

      • JSC Belvtorpolymer

        JSC Belvtorpolymer

        LDPE, PP regranulates, secondary pipes and foil.

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        • KREDUS, s.r.o.

          KREDUS, s.r.o.

          Collection, sorting and recovery of plastic waste.

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          • Kužílek s.r.o.

            Kužílek s.r.o.

            Purchase of waste plastics, regrind and regranulate, production of plastic regranulate, sale of plastic regrind and regranulate.

          • LAMINOV s.r.o.

            LAMINOV s.r.o.

            Purchase, removal, sorting and processing of plastic waste into grit. Recycling of plastic waste from the automotive, pharmaceutical and...

            • Boženy Nemcovej 414/77, Zemianske Kostoľany
          • LB PLAST s.r.o.

            LB PLAST s.r.o.

            Recycling, crushing and processing of plastics, removal, collection, purchase and recycling of PVC waste, PVC regrind, PVC dust and PVC regranulate.

          • Mihaľová Anna

            Mihaľová Anna

            Plastic products, plastic recycling, trade in plastics, regranulate, plastic crumb, plastic waste, purchase, sale, recycled plastic products.

            • Nižná Jedľová 25, Svidník
          • Mirnik - VM d.o.o.

            Mirnik - VM d.o.o.

            Recycled plastic materials, plastic scrap, regrind, regranulate, off-grade, near prime and prime plastic materials.

          • Nehlsen-CZ, s.r.o.

            Nehlsen-CZ, s.r.o.

            Services in the field of waste management and secondary raw materials.

          • Patex s.r.o.

            Patex s.r.o.

            Plast & paper & board recycling

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            • Plast Komplet s.r.o.

              Plast Komplet s.r.o.

              Waste collecting and recycling plastic - grinding, separation of metals with the subsequent possibility regranulation selected plastics.

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