Polykemi - Fakuma 2014

Polykemi - Fakuma 2014

Polykemi AB – Scandiavia´s largest developer & manufacturer of customer adapted compounds in most thermoplastics. In the group are also Polykemi Compounds (Kunshan) PR of China (2005) -production & sales China. Polykemi Inc USA (2013), Rondo Plast AB (1980) Quality assured recycled plastic raw materials & SCANFILL AB (2008) Development and production of the environmental packaging material for the future.

We do look forward to the upcoming Fakuma fair & we will “as usual” share a stand together with our long term partner for Switzerland - Dolder (www.dolder.com).

Both new & old customers are very welcome to visit us in hall A3 – stand 3110.

Our theme is:  “We help you save – Time – Weight – The planet”

  Application: POLYfill PP HC weight saver I – VW XL1. Head light housing – lighter than foreseen material with 40% mineral – every single gram counts…

Within the theme you will find materials & examples of applications within both our FC (fast cycle) series, POLYfill PP HBK & TOUCH. Our family of POLYfill PP HC has grown further - and a study about the ever interesting topic: “ weight save – within the automotive industry” will be shown. Our recycling materials of the REZY & REPRO ranges are ever interesting as the environmentally interesting alternative / to save the planet – but now with saving of time & weight as well since we now deliver a REZY – grade for muCell - technology.


   Application: POLYfill PP HC weight saver II – automotive industry. Fan shroud – Could decrease filler content by 15% in addition also improved dimensional stability at elevated temperatures

   Application: REZYcom NEWS!  – A “ready to use” recycled & flame-retardant material for cable ducts placed along railroad tracks, fulfilling the German norm DIN 53438-K1. Normally a mix of more expensive virgin materials together with secondary raw materials & a flame retardancy master batch is used – or even concrete.

Speaking partner: Polykemi GmbH Deutschland

Mr Stefan Böhme stefan.boehme@polykemi.de Phone: +49 2324/5917-0


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