TERZET s.r.o.

Na Vyhlídce 1043, 46014 Liberec    Show on Map

telephone:+420 602 439 345

NIP: 25002619

Provozovna    Show on Map
Rumunská 655/9
Liberec 4 460 01
telephone: +420 724 251 869

Company Description

TERZET spol. s r.o. works closely with the Technical University in Liberec in the areas of development and application of new technologies and development of prototypes especially for light engineering and consumer industries.

TERZET spol. s r.o. has a prototype development laboratory and is able to design and manufacture samples of various components.

Over the years expanded its activities in research and consultancy for companies that are starting to expand their business interests in the Asian markets. 

Company TERZET spol. s r.o. was founded in 1996 as a consulting company with activities focused mainly on the German-speaking companies operating in the Czech Republic.

Range of products / Services

Development, modeling and 3D printing

  • Collaboration in the design of 3D models and assemblies, including their production by 3D printing.

  • Reverse engineering - creating a copy of a physical part with the possibility of possible modifications to it, suitable for the production of otherwise unrepairable or inaccessible plastic parts.

  • Collaboration in the preparation of 3D models for printing and possible optimization of print sets for the HP540 3D printer or similar printers.

Production of 3D printing

  • Production of 2k parts (ABS + TPU with optional hardness) on the OBJET Connex3 machine.

  • Production of parts from mat. PA12 on HP540.

Optical scanning

  • Scanning of parts with an optical scanner Athos Compact Scan 5M and subsequent evaluation of deviations from the CAD model in the form of a color map of dimensional deviations with the possibility of checking specific dimensions.


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