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telephone:+420 573 358 655

NIP: 25552538

Company Description

Processing of engineering plastic waste from production, recycling of plastics, plastics regrinding on the modern recycling line.

Production of tailored compounds and composites according the customers requirements. We offer custom-made service but also our own compounds brand „Remilen“. All our compounds are attested.

Remiva is the exclusive supplier of Sysmetric products for the Czech and Slovak market. Sysmetric is a leading manufacturer of gravimetric dosing units for extrusion and injection moulding.


ISO 9001

Range of products / Services

Compounds and composites production »

Compounds Remilen - are new at the market, certified, designed mainly for the automotive industry

  • REMILEN R50 TH 20 i 15
  • REMILEN TH 20 i 12
  • REMILEN TH 20 i 18
  • REMILEN TH 40 i 16

Production, processing, export, import:
- Regranulates for injection moulding, extrusion
- HDPE, LDPE, PC / ABS, PP, HIPS regranulates
- Engineering plastic regrinds - to the required size from 4-20mm
- Recycling of foamed polystyrene (EPS)
- Special plastics according to the offer
- Recycling of polystyrene waste into the form of regranulate - Remistyrene.

Remistyrene is available in several color shades in the form of granules 3-5 mm in size, suitable for the production of insulating materials, the production of paints, the basic material for injection molding or extrusion.

Sale - original granulates.

Purchase - plastic waste.

Processing, recycling - plastics.

Purchase, sale, export, import:
- regranulates and regrinds
- materials HDPE, LDPE, PP, PA, HPS, PVC - soft, PVC, ABS, PS.

All granulates are always homogenized.
Unify all colors to one shade.
Packaging Material - Oktabs or Bigbags.
The regranulates are supplied with a quality certificate.


Sale -technologies - Exclusive representation of the company Sysmetric for Czech and Slvoak market.

Sysmetric is a comprehensive solution for raw material handling, gravimetric dosing and gravimetric automatic extrusion control during extrusion, blowing.


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